Zoom introduces a new feature called “stop incoming video” that allows users to block video feeds of other participants in a meeting. With the new feature, Zoom users in a meeting can easily disable all incoming videos. For users using a restricted connection, the mentioned feature will also help conserve bandwidth for shared content.

The company also offers security and audio improvements in meetings with the new update. The host and assistant can now also check which security features are in effect. Zoom also offers rich text formatting support in chat to users. Zoom Android also included a new Android feature that allows users to pay for a Pro subscription using Google Play listing instead of Zoom directly.

To enable stop incoming video:

  • As admin Zoom Web to log in to the portal,
  • in the navigation menu Account Management

    Selecting and Account Settings

    Clicking on ,

  • Meeting

    Selecting the tab,

  • In Meeting

    Go to tab and enable “stop incoming video” option,

  • If a validation dialog comes up change it from here verify is sufficient.

Finally, to make this setting accessible to all users in the account, let’s say that you can lock the settings from here by clicking the lock icon.

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