Neal Mohan, YouTube Product Manager, on the platform removed related to content published a blog post. Talking about the videos being deleted from YouTube in this blog post, Mohan said that almost every quarter around 10 million stated that the video was removed. The reason YouTube did such a thing was to prevent the spread of misinformation.

According to the post shared by Neal Mohan, especially related to the coronavirus pandemicfalse information was also a lot on YouTube. In fact, the company has been posting false information about the coronavirus since February 2020. at least 1 million videos has been removed from the platform. However, YouTube Product Manager mentioned that they are still not at the desired speed, that they are also working on new methods and stated that they will ensure that false information is removed more quickly.

There is also an increase in demand for governmentdollarserine

To be removed according to the statements made by the YouTube manager notification sent there is a significant increase in the number of videos. These are especially it came from governmentollarser and Neal Mohan, who said that the process was trying to be carried out with talimadollarsar, did not explain which countries had high demand. However, the manager, who said that they did not want to violate the freedom of expression, said that if they were instructed, removing the video possible won’t states.

Although Neal Mohan did not name the governmentdollarserin, there are some earlier reports on this subject. For example, some time ago MIT Technology Review, About the Uighursdetected that some videos were removed from the platform. These videos were about the disappeared Uighurs. In addition, in 2019, it is on the agenda of the whole world. New Zealand

An investigation into the mosque attack in revealed that extreme right-wing segments use YouTube as a discussion platform. Many videos were removed at that time. . .

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