Millions of people continue to give false information about vaccines in this period when we lose an average of 150 citizens every day. Jade Cluster is one of them.

Unfortunately, the distinction between choosing not to be vaccinated and putting people at risk by giving false information cannot be made. As seen in this case, a information pollution has already spread to hundreds of thousands of followers.

Salkim shared a list on Twitter, which he claimed was the content of flu vaccines. The list has whatever you look for: Fetus, pig, horse blood, rabbit brain. . .

You probably laughed it off, but if you still have a question mark in your mind, you can review the content of the vaccines in the following content. (Note: Welded)

Naturally, he was asked where his source was. His answer is interesting: Sit down, research.

Followers could not remain silent in the face of this erroneous information:

But Yeşim Salkım’s stubbornness is stubborn. He continued to answer:

He even used harsh words to some of his followers:

He also tweeted on March 28 that he claimed there was no epidemic.

This post was also reacted to:

So what is it, information should not be shared without giving a reliable source. Especially on a vital issue.

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