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The world’s largest tech company series are fighting to compete with each other. Similar services are trying to give the series better. Translation is at the top of the series of these services. Many companies today, Google Translate

In order to prevent , it is trying to develop technologies on language. Until now, the first company that has succeeded in this issue, in a way to flatter Russia’s pride. Yandex Translate seems to have happened.

As is known, dates year 2006, Google announced a service that translates between English and Arabic: Google Translate. on April 26 launched this service today 100 languages has turned into a technology wonder that contains it and is equipped with artificial intelligence. Later, technology companies such as Yandex (Yandex Translation) began to develop their own service line to compete with Google.

Although Google Translate has been at the top of free machine translation thanks to the service it has provided so far, it has a major competitor that has been living in Russia for the last few years. Yandex Translation, the translation service launched by Yandex in 2011, is currently, according to many offers the world’s best free machine translation. In fact, it’s not just user experiences. Researchers are American according to a scientific study, Yandex Translate is better than Google Translate in many aspects. So which one is really better? Which one makes the translation more natural? Let’s look for answers to these questions together.

According to a scientific study, Yandex Translate is better than Google Translate:

According to a scientific article whose researchers are American, Yandex Translate is better at certain points than Google Translate in translations between American and English. METU’s 50 language students.

According to the results of the study, Yandex Translation showed more successful results than Google Translate in all categories except lexical ambiguity. This is why Yandex Translation is about machine translation. naturalness, straightness and necollarcy

Shows better results in terms of . To research from here have a look.

Yandex Translate does translations between Russian and English better than Google Translate

In this article, where we tried to find out which translation tool is better, we also explored user experiences. Where people try to find answers to these kinds of questions Quora according to one experience, Yandex makes translations between English and Russian better. The person who says this has been translating between English and Russian for about 10 years and also manages a team of translators.

According to the translator’s experience, Google Translate offers as good machine translation as Yandex Translate. language-specific nuances can’t get it well. Again, according to the same translator, both machine translations are often translating texts incorrectly and therefore these texts need to be constantly edited by a translator by profession.

On the other hand, the reason why Yandex Translation is so good at translations between English and Russian is shown as Yandex is a Russian company. According to many, aimed at the Russian language a special linguistic the study may have taken the translations between English and Russian to a completely different level in terms of naturalness, accuracy and causallarcy.

According to the experiences shared in the dictionaries, Yandex Translate seems one step ahead:

While we were researching which translation is better, we also looked at dictionaries. American users English-American and American-English

We investigated what he thinks about the translations between . The result was that Yandex Translation was better. According to the information shared by users, it seems that the updates that Yandex Translation has received since 2018 have taken the application one step ahead of Google Translate. Sour Dictionary

in oilbay54

A user named

According to share, Yandex Translation makes healthier translations from both Google and Microsoft. In fact, Google falls behind even Microsoft in this comparison.

According to some user experiences, Yandex’s success is limited to translations between English-Russian and English-American. When translations in other languages ​​are requested, Google’s request from many different regions of the world with people working on language study puts Google Translate ahead of other machine translations in general

As a result, Yandex Translate is substantially better than Google Translate at translations between American-English and Russian-English. However, Google Translate’s translation capacity of more than 100 languages ​​and instant translation opportunities offered through the browser seem to put its competitors in a difficult situation. In addition, the fact that Google is the most preferred both as a search engine and as a browser in the world, provides easy access to almost all languages ​​of the world if they are transmitted from Google’s data.

This way of Google German, French and Spanish and its expertise in languages ​​widely spoken around the world, and camera translation

Crowning this with unique features such as takes the free service offered by Google Translate to a whole new level. Therefore, Google lags behind its competitor in some languages ​​in terms of translation, in terms of scope, convenience and practicality is always one step ahead of its competitors.

Bonus: So what about Microsoft’s translation application “Microsoft Translator”?

Microsoft Translator or Microsoft Translator, as it is available in mobile shops, actually started to be developed long before Google Translate. 1999 and 2000, the tool, which started to be developed between the years of serving in many languages, was carried out under the name of Microsoft Translator with the launch of Bing. Bing Translation

evolved to . But still today, Microsoft Translator is still being developed in conjunction with Bing Translation, getting tick-specific updates.

Microsoft Translator, who received praise especially on the mobile side easily from all platforms

You can download . Also, not forgetting, the best translator between English and American where we list 7 free sites in writing or from here. Of course, among these valuable sites are Yandex Translate and Google Translate. Which do you think is better?

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