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Netflix, with movies such as Mank, Da 5 Bloods and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, shown in total 36 nominations entered the Oscar awards season in a very ambitious way and 5 productions in total. 7 Oscar won the prize. Thus, Netflix became the studio that won the most Oscar awards this year.

Oscar-winning Netflix productions

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Netflix productions that received Oscars in 2021:

  • Mank
  • Two Distant Strangers
  • Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (Ma Rainey: Blues’ Mother)
  • If Anything Happens I Love You
  • My Octopus Teacher

For those who want to experience Hollywood in the 40s: Mank

  • Release date: December 4, 2020
  • IMDb score: 6.9
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 83%

Netflix was nominated for a total of 10 awards this year for Mank, a black and white film by David Fincher, which also received the most nominations of the year. “Best Cinematographer” (Erik Messerschmidt) and “Best Production Design”, the film tells the real life story of Herman Mankiewicz, one of the screenplays of the 1941 film “Citizen Kane”.

The story of a man stuck in the same day: Two Distant Strangers

  • Release date: April 9, 2021
  • IMDb score: 6.9
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 100%

Two Distant Strangers, directed by Emmy-winning screenwriter Travon Free and Martin Desmond Roe, “Best Short Film” adds another success to Netflix’s success with the Oscar it won in its branch. The 32-minute production is about a man trying to reach his home and his dog, caught by the police, and having to go through a time loop and live the same day over and over again.

A fantastic drama film centered on racism: Ma Rainey: Mother of the Blues

  • Release date: December 18, 2020
  • IMDb score: 7.0
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 98%

The film, which presents a cut-out from the life of Ma Rainey, known as the Queen of the Blues and one of the first professional African-American musicians, has 5 nominations. “Best Costume Design” and “Best Makeup and Hair Design” won a total of 2 Oscars in their branches.

A short but effective drama: If Anything Happens I Love You

  • Release date: November 20, 2020
  • IMDb score: 7.8
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 100%

Tells about the pain and emotional void experienced by two parents who mournfully mourn their child after a tragic shooting at school “If Anything Happens I Love You”, “Best Animated Short Film” won an Oscar. Despite being only 12 minutes, he successfully conveys the emotions of the parents in the film to the audience.

A documentary that will warm you up: What I Learned from the Octopus

  • Release date: September 7, 2020
  • IMDb score: 8.2
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 100%

From Oscar-winning Netflix productions “Best Documentary” Academy Award winner My Octopus Teacher (What I Learned From the Octopus) reveals that an octopus and a man who live in a moss forest in South Africa have an unusual friendship.

Netflix productions nominated for the 2021 Oscars:

  • 6 nominations – The Trial of the Chicago 7
  • 2 nominations – Hillbilly Elegy
  • 1 nomination – Pieces of a Woman
  • 1 nomination – Over the Moon
  • 1 nomination – The Life Ahead
  • 1 nomination – Eurovision Song Contest
  • 1 nomination – The White Tiger
  • 1 nomination – Da 5 Bloods
  • 1 nomination – The Midnight Sky
  • 1 nomination – Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution
  • 1 nomination – A Love Song for Latasha

The Trial of the Chicago 7:

  • Release date: October 16, 2020
  • IMDb score: 7.8
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 89%
  • Categories: “Best Movie”, “Best Supporting Actor”, “Best Screenplay”, “Best Film Editing”, “Best Cinematography” and “Best Original Song”

Hillbilly Elegy:

  • Release date: November 24, 2020
  • IMDb score: 6.7
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 26%
  • The categories he is nominated for: “Best Supporting Actress” and “Best Makeup and Hair Design”

Pieces of a Woman:

  • Release date: January 7, 2021
  • IMDb score: 7.1
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 75%
  • Category for which he was nominated: “Best Actress”

Over the Moon:

  • Release date: October 23, 2020
  • IMDb score: 6.4
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 81%
  • Nominated Category: “Best Animated Film”

The Life Ahead:

  • Release date: November 13, 2020
  • IMDb score: 6.8
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 92%
  • Nominated for: “Best Original Song”

Eurovision Song Contest:

  • Release date: June 26, 2020
  • IMDb score: 6.5
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 63%
  • Nominated for: “Best Original Song”

The White Tiger:

  • Release date: January 22, 2021
  • IMDb score: 7.1
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 92%
  • Candidate Category: “Best Adapted Screenplay”

Da 5 Bloods:

  • Release date: July 12, 2020
  • IMDb score: 6.5
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 92%
  • Nominated for: “Best Soundtrack”

The Midnight Sky:

  • Release date: December 23, 2020
  • IMDb score: 5.6
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 50%
  • Nominated for: “Best Visual Effects”

Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution:

  • Release date: March 25, 2020
  • IMDb score: 7.7
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 100%
  • Category of nomination: “Best Documentary”

A Love Song for Latasha:

  • Release date: September 21, 2020
  • IMDb score: 6.8
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 81%
  • Category of nomination: “Best Documentary”

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