XPG, a subsidiary of Taiwan-based Adata, is launching the LANCER series DDR5 memory modules designed for gamers. XPG LANCER will be the company’s first DDR5 gaming memory and can reach frequencies up to 5200 MHz.

Modules with error correcting code (ECC) technology can correct errors automatically and in real time. In addition to greatly reducing the burden of CPU calculations, it also provides increased stability and reliability. We also know that DDR5 memory comes with a PMIC (Power Management Integrated Circuit) for enhanced performance and stability.

LANCER series RAMs will be available in single and double kidollarser (2x 16 GB) with a capacity of 16 GB. XPG claims to use high quality ICs and PCBs in its new products. So these memory sticks are ideal for enthusiasts and overclockers. On the other hand, with Intel XMP 3.0 support, users can easily overclock with one click without having to enter the BIOS.

XPG adds that kidollarserin, which reaches high frequency speeds of 6000 MHz, will be on the market very soon. DDR5 RAMs, developed by many different manufacturers, will begin to be on the shelves with the Intel 12th generation Alder Lake platform.

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Michael Lewis


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