Chinese technology giant that brings high quality products to its users in many different fields Xiaomi is one of the most well-known companies in the wearable technology field. In particular, the company, which launches both affordable and performance products, Mi Band draws attention with its products.

Last Mi Band 6, Xiaomi has managed to get positive feedback from almost all its users. Although it is a very functional device, unfortunately, it is not available for models outside the Chinese market. NFC feature was not found. Now this is changing. For Xiaomi Mi Band 6 NFC, will enter the European market very soon. This is the model in question It can be seen in America’s

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Mastercard support:

Mi Band 6 NFC, which passed the certification process in Italy, was the first to in Italy is expected to be seen. It is thought that the device will then enter other markets in Europe. In the Eurozone of the device in question Mastercard will support is also among those reported.

Why should I go and buy Mi Band 6 NFC when I have Mi Band 6?“, except for NFC feature, the device’s standard Same as Mi Band 6

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In this context, the device monitors and monitors your daily activities. sleep and your blood pressure while measuring contactless payment will also help you with your operations. Of course, if NFC is not such a critical feature for you, we cannot say that a different experience awaits you.

Apart from the NFC version, on August 26 from Xiaomi, the beloved device will also have a OLED version expected. We can say that this will be a solid improvement for the Mi Band 6, whose screen is already admired.

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