Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer said that console supply issues will continue into 2022. In an interview with The Wrap, Phil Spencer confirmed that Xbox supply issues will persist through the rest of the year and into 2022 due to the supply chain.

Spencer said, “I think it would be wrong to talk about this as just a chip issue. When I think about what it means to take the parts needed to make a console today and bring it to markets where there is demand, there is a shortage of multiple parts in this process, and I’m sad to think about it for months or even next year. we are faced with this supply problem until the end. ‘ he said.

The global chip shortage isn’t just on Xbox. He stated that they had problems in the production of many console chips and other hardware parts for 18 months. Another market that suffered from chip shortages other than consoles and computers was the car market. Many car companies had to pause production in their factories due to the chip.

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Michael Lewis


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