Samsung continues to push the limits of megapixel count. Finally, the company ISOCELL HP1 announced. The Samsung ISOCELL HP1 stands out as the world’s first smartphone camera with a maximum image resolution of 200 MP.

ISOCELL HP1 has a native pixel size of 0.64μm with the new ChameleonCell technology that offers full pixel rendering with support for 2×2 pixel binning or 4×4 pixel binning. While using the 2×2 pixel binning mode, the flagship sensor can take 50MP photos. In 4×4 pixel binning mode, ISOCELL HP1 can capture 12.5MP images with 2.65μm pixel size. Additionally, Samsung’s latest sensor can shoot 8K video at 30 FPS.

In addition, Samsung has introduced a thin 50MP sensor that supports Dual Pixel Pro autofocus technology for versatile autofocus. ISOCELL GN5 announced. Having a native pixel size of 1μm, ISOCELL GN5 supports 2×2 pixel binning mode to take 12.5MP photos in low light conditions. Samsung claims that the latest sensor features Front Deep Trench Isolation, or FDTI technology. This allows the sensor to absorb as much light as possible within a pixel while reducing grain buildup.

Like the 20 0MP ISOCELL HP1, the ISOCELL GN5 supports 8K video recording at 30FPS. On the other hand, Samsung did not explain in detail which products it will apply these two sensors to. So there’s no way of knowing whether the Galaxy S22 members or just the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have the flagship sensor. According to an earlier rumor, Samsung will use a 200 MP sensor for the Galaxy S22 Ultra and will use the Olympus brand to increase the device value. would take.

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