One of the most popular companies in internet speed measurement, Speedtest announced mobile and broadband internet speed statistics on a country basis. Data for July, America

The mobile and broadband internet speed averages in reveal the rank of this average worldwide.

According to the Speedtest Global Index report, the average mobile internet download speed in July, worldwide 55.07Mbps registered as . Upload, that is, if the upload speed is average 12. 35 Mbps. On average for broadband internet 107. 50Mbps download, 58. 27Mbps upload speed reached. Latency times, on the other hand, were recorded as 37 ms on mobile and 20 ms on broadband.

America, 55th in mobile internet and 98th in broadband

Looking at the data Speedtest has generated for America, we see that our internet speed is as usual. in July, we see that it is not in a very good spot. Because when we look at the world ranking, America, 55th on mobile internet., is 98th in broadband internet. America’s mobile and broadband internet speed status for July is as follows;

America’s place in the world ranking is as follows:

Average data reveal that America’s average mobile internet speed is 45.42 Mbps when downloading and 16.03 Mbps when uploading. The average latency of mobile internet users, on the other hand, registered as 33 ms. When we look at the broadband internet situation of our country, while downloading 38. 58Mbps, when installing 13. 50Mbps

We see that has been reached. The delay time faced by broadband internet users is 24 ms.

The world’s best mobile internet is used in UAE, while broadband internet is used in Monaco

Speedtest’s data for July shows that the best mobile internet in the world is in the United Arab Emirates. Average mobile internet download speed in the country 190. 03Mbps. The average latency in the country where the upload speed is 12.35 Mbps is 37 ms. In Monaco, which is the best country for broadband internet, the average download speed 256. 70 Mbps, while the average upload speed has reached 156.07 Mbps. The average latency in Monaco is 16 ms.

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