As you know, Linke is a platform established for people in the business world to expand their networks, find new jobs and for brands to promote their identities in a more formal language. Users on Linke, which is far from being a social media platform, often use this platform for wrong purposes. to anyone in their right mind, should not use this platform to flirt with people, it goes without saying, but unfortunately, every day, dozens of women come across endless messages on this platform, where they enter to share something about work or to look for a new job.

The woman who started to be disturbed by all this in Linke, revealing the people who wrote the remedy for dating purposes found. The disclosures of this woman, who did one of the right things to do to people who can’t understand the word, went viral on many platforms, especially Ekşi Sözlük. Those who were uncomfortable with being exposed also tried to have their posts deleted by demagogy by opening a fake account to the woman who was trying to show everyone who the perverted messages were. If you wish, let’s take a look at the unfortunate situation that the woman experienced in Linke.

Sending evil eye beads under the pretext of work. . .

These are the messages of the man who wants to try his luck even though he is not looking for an employee. . .

A man who wanted to take a step back found the cure by opening a fake account

Disturbed by the disclosure, a man created a fake account to remove the posts of the woman who shared the posts, posing as a friend of the exposed manhe complained that the man’s reputation at work was damaged. The images below are the messages sent by the man who opened the fake account to the woman. . .

The answer of the woman to the man after these messages:

There is really no need to invite people for coffee on a business-oriented platform. . .

Let’s take a closer look at the woman’s complaint about the situation on the Linke page, which was later transferred to other social media platforms; “Shame on you! We are also exposed to them on this platform, shame! Seeing that I am looking for a job, what is it to write for a job and then hang? Two different professions, two different age groups, two different tactics and the same UNCHARACTERISTIC!! Block it directly! We are looking for a job where we can catch up and make our own lives better. Flirdollar is not the people we want to date! I’m fed up, frustrated, disgusted now. In my job applications, I also say that my job search is over if the woman doesn’t return! If people like you come across, stay away from us!!”

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