Microsoft is launching its next generation operating system with a launch event next week.Windows 11 will be officially announced. However, 1 week before the launch, Windows 11ISO file leaked and an unstable developer version of the operating system are officially available.

Windows 11, mainlyTaskbar and Start Menu changes will host many innovations. MoreoverMicrosoft, the next generation operating system just like Windows 10Free for owners of Windows 7, Windows 8.1. Therefore, you will be able to experience Microsoft’s new generation operating system at no additional cost.

This is how windows 11’s default wallpaper will be

Along with the new generation operating system, Microsoft also offers new wallpapers yellow. In fact, we’ve already seen some examples of how we can encounter wallpapers yellow in Windows 11.conceptollarser was shared but with the advent of Windows 11 this conceptdollarserinereal wallpapersdollsnot consistent with yellow we have seen.

Microsoft for desktop and lock screen in Windows 11different wallpaper options, as well as presentingSome background options for touch keyboard too offers. Thus, using the touch keyboard can become much more ‘colorful’, especially on 2-in-1 laptops with a touch screen.

Windows 11 will provide background options for touch keyboard

You can download all the wallpapers that Microsoft has designed for Windows 11 in full size.here

You can download it by clicking . Inside the file in question is Windows 114K resolution official wallpaper as well as alternative wallpapers yellow, touch keyboard backgrounds and wallpapers yellow of different Windows 11 themes.

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