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Microsoft continues to release new builds on test channels as we prepare to roll out the next optional update to everyone. Windows 11 Build 22000.651 is now available for users in the Release Preview channel.

This is an update for testers only. Afterwards, it will be available for download for all users, with feedback from Microsoft. Build 22000.651 contains mostly fixes for enterprise, but there is an interesting enhancement that will improve the performance of standard users. According to the release nodollars, Microsoft has fixed an important bug where Windows 11 gets stuck on the start screen. Besides, there are different fixes that will improve the user experience.

  • Some improvements have been made to the Secure Boot feature of Windows.
  • Resolved an issue that delayed operating system startup for approximately 40 minutes.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause video subtitles to be partially cut off.
  • Fixed an issue that misaligned video subtitles.
  • Fixed a memory leak issue affecting Windows systems that are in use 24 hours a day, weekdays.
  • Temperature now appears above the weather icon in the taskbar.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from using the minimize, maximize, and close buttons in a maximized application window.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the AppX Deployment Service (AppXSvc) to stop working after installing certain MSIX applications.
  • Resolved a bug early in the startup process that could cause a stop error.
  • The Autopilot client has been enhanced to handle updated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) features supporting its own tick deployment and pre-provision scenarios.
  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) registration timeout for hybrid Azure AD-joined Autopilot scenarios has changed to 90 minutes (previously 60 minutes).
  • Fixed an issue affecting the Title attribute in Microsoft Edge IE mode.
  • Resolved an issue where mobile device management (MDM) policies were not allowed on Windows Enterprise editions upgraded to Enterprise using Azure AD joined subscription entitlement.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Kerberos authentication to fail: error “0xc0030009 (RPC_NT_NULL_REF_POINTER).
  • Resolved an issue that caused Windows to enter BitLocker recovery after a service update.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Certification Key (EK) certificate from being retrieved from the TPM device.
  • Fixed an issue that could not copy the security part of Group Policy to a machine.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented instantiation of Microsoft RDP Client Control, version 11 and later, within the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) dialog.
  • Resolved an issue that could occur when you use Netdom.exe or the Active Directory Domains and Trusts snap-in to list or change name suffixes redirection.
  • Fixed an issue where the root domain’s primary domain dendollarsealer (PDC) was generating warning and error events in the System log.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when you mapped a network drive to a Server Message Block version 1 (SMBv1) share.
  • Fixed an issue affecting SMB multi-channel connection, which could generate error 13A or C2.
  • Fixed an issue that damaged the pool when the Client-Side Caching (CSC) cleanup method was unable to delete a created resource.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the server to lock out because the nonpaged pool grows and uses all memory.
  • Reduced load in high input/output operations per second (IOPS) scenarios when multiple threads are working on a single file.

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