Microsoft has apparently prepared and is preparing to release a new version of Windows 11 called Windows 11 SE. This version first appeared with rumors of a new budget Surface laptop designed for education.

While not much is known about the latest version of Windows, leaked builds of SE were shared on the internet months before Windows 11 was released. For now, Windows 11 SE is said to launch in 2022 alongside the new education-focused Surface laptop.

Windows 11 SE will target the education market specifically for kids. It will run on low-end hardware usually found in school laptops and will have certain educational features for remote control of school laptops.

This version may not be available in the retail market. So much so that even if it does, daily users probably won’t want to prefer Windows 11 SE. We don’t know what features were cut from Windows 11 and how constrained the operating system will be. According to some information from a few months ago, at least the following functions will be disabled:

  • Disable News & Interests (Windows Widgets)
  • Full Win32 application support (S Mode disabled)
  • Microsoft Store is blocked by default.
  • Settings app ads for Edge/Bing have been removed and Phone integration no longer works.

Windows 11 SE is not officially released yet, and it should be reminded that many changes can be made before the announcement. It seems that the new version will not replace Windows 11 Education Edition, but will appear as a completely different version.

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Michael Lewis


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