As you know, the Windows 11 operating system was gradually introduced to supported computers. As Microsoft enters a major transition period from Windows 10, it has announced that the next phase of the process has begun to bring Windows 11 to more customers.

When the operating system was released in early October, it was initially available to a select group. The first batch consisted of brand new computers shipped with Windows 11 preinstalled. The second group included new Windows 10 computers eligible to receive the Windows 11 upgrade from Microsoft.

Starting this week, the company began leveraging its next-generation machine learning model to offer upgrades to its “extended set of eligible devices. “We recommend upgrading your devices to Windows 11 to take advantage of the latest features and advanced protections against a range of security threats. ” says.

The developer, who prepared the systems for Windows 11 with various updates, started to install the PC Health Check software on all Windows 10 systems with the recently released KB5005463 update.

The company will continually tweak its machine learning model to bring Windows 11 to even more Windows 10 PCs over the next few months. If all goes as planned, the new system will be available to all eligible Windows 10 PCs by the first half of 2022. If you have an eligible device, you can open Windows Update Settings and check for updates.

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Michael Lewis


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