Stardock has announced Fences 4, a program that allows users to automatically arrange shortcuts and icons in a series of computer desktops in special sized spaces called fences. Like previous versions of the software, Fences 4 creates custom areas to organize icons and folders and offers additional customization features. The company has released an alpha version of Fences 4 for Windows 10 and 11 to users of the Object Desktop suite. New features will be added throughout the fall and a targeted release will be released this winter.

Fences 4’s upcoming features include virtual desktop support, enhanced search functionality, roaming profiles, and many other updates to help home and business users stay organized.

Additionally, Stardock announced Fences for Business, which will help keep computers organized and standardized across the workforce. A new kiosk mode helps administrators to unlock the entire desktop layout, while the Snapshots feature allows them to replicate layouts across multiple devices.

Fences 4 alpha is only available through Stardock’s Object Desktop package.

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Michael Lewis


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