Microsoft has released build 22000.184 for users on the Windows 11 Insider Beta channel and Build 22454 for those on the Dev channel for testing. The update to the beta channel is quite small and not much has been changed. On the contrary, the update to the dev channel has extensive bug fixes and some new features for Windows 11.

Recycle Bin: New Context Menu

Windows 11 comes with many new redesigned link menus in addition to the start and taskbar. When you right-click the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop, you’ll now be greeted with Microsoft’s modern UI context menu with a slightly transparent background and the Modern UI icons associated with each menu option.

  • Added an option when right-clicking a network share in File Explorer to pinpoint it to Quick Access without having to click Show more options.
  • An updated version of Korean IME has been released, with adjustments based on Windows Insider feedback.

Previously the Recycle Bin had the old context menu of Windows 10 but Windows 11 had rounded edges. Now the transition to the modern user interface is complete to streamline the desktop experience.

Important Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Taskbar to hang unexpectedly above full-screen applications such as PowerPoint presentations.
    Fixed Title bar options not appearing when certain apps are maximized.
  • When the desktop background is set to a slideshow, explorer. Fixed an issue affecting performance until exe restart.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Wi-Fi speeds to drop after enabling Hyper-V and creating an External V-Switch.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Taskbar icons to flicker when hovering while using a contrast theme.
  • Fixed a core issue where the volume icon in the Taskbar would show the sound was muted.
  • Fixed an issue where the Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) feature could cause continuous error checking.
  • Re-listing of Windows Terminal when right click on start button (WIN+X).
  • Fixed a bug where thumbnail preview images for desktops could not be displayed properly.
  • Left-clicking on an application icon with Shift now works normally.
  • Fixed a deadlock error when using Sound Settings.
  • Improved the reliability of the link menu in File Explorer.

Microsoft says some of these fixes in the development build may make their way into the release build of Windows 11 via service updates. So we may see some of these bugs fixed when Windows 11 is released publicly on October 5th.

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