Build 22489, prepared for Windows 11 Insider users, is available with Microsoft account integration in system settings. Like previous updates on Dev Channel, this preview build belongs to active development branch called “Nickel” and comes with some improvements.

Windows 11 Build 22489 adds a new page to manage your Microsoft account from the Settings app. This will be a new entry point for the Microsoft account, and to access it simply go to Settings > Account.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the page contains information about your Microsoft account. You can view and manage Microsoft 365 subscriptions, orders, rewards, payment details, connected devices, and more directly in system settings in Windows 11.

Changes and Improvements

  • Added support for Discovery of Identified Resolvers, which allows Windows to discover encrypted DNS configuration from a DNS resolver known only by IP address.
  • Updating the Connect app name to “Wireless Display” now to improve consistency.
  • “Applications & Features” section in Settings is split into two pages under “Installed Applications” and “Advanced application settings”.
  • Windows Sandbox now works on ARM64 computers.

Important Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was blocking icons or causing a black screen on secondary monitors.
  • Explorer when using desktop dropdown context menu. Fixed exe (File Explorer, taskbar) crashes.
  • File Explorer’s Fixed to Quick Access option has been changed to a high-level option.
  • Microsoft has improved the performance of the buggy context menu.
  • explorer. Several fixes have been made to improve the reliability of the exe.
  • Task View now works faster.
  • Fixed crashes in Settings app.

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