After the last mentioned bugs in File Explorer and context menus, a new problem has now surfaced. In an update to the Feedback Hub, Microsoft has confirmed that it is aware of a bug in Windows 11 that locks apps like the Snipping Tool and Settings.

Many users report frequent crashes when they try to open the Clipboard or emoji panel, touch keyboard, settings, and other popular applications, which naturally makes it difficult to use the computer.

Crashes were reported to be particularly common among Microsoft-developed apps like Snipping Tool. Refreshed for Windows 11 with a new design and approach, Snipping Tool crashes after Microsoft’s digital certificate expires.

While there is no official fix yet, Microsoft has released a Feedback Hub update stating that they are aware of an issue in Windows 11 that causes these apps to crash:

  • The accounts page and landing page of the settings.
  • Keyboard, Voice Typing and Emoji Panel.
  • Input Method Editor user interface.
  • Getting started and Tips.

The developer is investigating the cause of the issue and an alternative solution has been offered to the Snipping Tool. In a post in the Feedback Hub, it is said that the hotkeys “WIN + PrintScreen, ALT + PrintScreen or WIN + G” can be used to take a screenshot. Microsoft is working on a fix and more details will be shared soon.

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Michael Lewis


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