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There are currently stock issues with the DDR5 memory kidollar series, and we’ve seen black marketers get their hands on this as well. Returning to our main topic, if you remember, we mentioned that DDR5 memory will run hotter than DDR4. Those who buy these memories learn that they produce more heat than DDR4 memories because there are power control circuits called PMICs on the modules.

In this context, Bitspower is preparing to launch the industry’s first liquid cooling solutions designed specifically for DDR5 memory modules. We don’t know when the company will launch its water-cooled block, but since it’s listed on its web page, it won’t be long. On the other hand, we may see that different companies are included in this market in the upcoming period.

Thermaltake had recently released DDR3 and DDR4 modules liquid cooling systems. The Pacific A2 Ultra model featured a huge 3.9″ LCD screen that could display pictures, animations, even really useful information like saadollarser and temperatures. The liquid cooling block is officially designed for DDR3 and DDR4 modules, so it is not yet clear whether it will be compatible with DDR5 modules.

It has been proven that liquid cooling is more efficient than air cooling for almost all PC components, but it is not always possible to say that this solution is efficient for memory modules. DRAM chips don’t tend to rise to high temperatures unless they’re powered by overvoltage. But as we just mentioned, liquid cooling may be more beneficial with the advent of DDR5 RAMs that carry a PMIC and a heat-generating voltage regulator module (VRM).

Memory module voltage regulation is generally handled by the motherboard. Motherboard manufacturers, on the other hand, can try to outrank their competitors by using more advanced PMICs and higher quality VRM components to provide better overclocking potential.

With DDR5, each module comes with its own PMIC and VRM, while the motherboard only needs to supply 5 Volts to the memory kidollarseries, and then the onboard components take care of the required conversions. The motherboard can still control voltages via SPD programming, but memory module manufacturers will now offer advanced solutions for PMICs and VRMs to differentiate their products.

So much so that these components produce more heat. In early 2021, Corsair confirmed that DDR5 memory modules can get much hotter than DDR4 due to onboard PMIC and VRM. MSI, on the other hand, recently showed that the Renesas P9811-Y0 model PMIC can heat up to 56ºC when operating in dual channel mode with no other module nearby. In addition, DDR5 integrated circuits can reach 51ºC when operating at 1.35 Volts (higher than the JEDEC standard 1.1 Volts), which is high when it comes to RAMs.

Air cooling in dual channel mode will be sufficient even if the modules are overclocked and run with overvoltage. However, when four modules are mounted close together, temperatures can get out of control and advanced cooling methods such as liquid cooling can become important at this point.

The DDR5 standard has a number of architectural features to provide significant performance and capacity scaling for years to come. The DDR4 standard started with 4GB 2133MT/s devices and ended with 16GB 3200MT/s ICs. We’re starting with 16Gbit 4800MT/s ICs on DDR5 and expect capacity to expand to 64GB and transfer rates to 8000MT/s and beyond. As a result, memory chips will become much more complex and emit much more heat than they do today. Those who want to overclock, mudollarsa should be more careful in this regard.

Apart from all this, if you are transitioning to next-generation memory technologies, you may want to check out our DDR5 RAM overclocking guide.

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