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If you’re a man and you’re a white-collar worker working in a big plaza, a civil servant or in the military, a beard is a real nuisance for you because you have to cut it every day. If you have a more comfortable job You can choose the most suitable one for your face from dozens of beard models. and you can get a much cooler style. Is that so? Really is the beard cool?So what else do these stiff hairs on men’s faces do?

In the evolutionary process from the first human to the present day, only useful parts of us remained, and the others disappeared. So the beard is also a useful piece.What good does it do other than creating a tickly style for men? If it works so well, why aren’t there women who make up half of humanity? Do not worry, beard

All the questions about have a very logical side.

Why don’t women have beards?

Before examining the evolutionary and historical journey of the beard, let’s answer the main question we asked in the title. Women don’t have beards because the process of stimulating the chin hair follicles that causes beard growth in men, a different hormone produced by testosterone dihydrotestosterone short for DHT In other words, it is not possible for women to grow hard facial hair as it is in men. Of course, as with everything, there are exceptions to this.

What does all that hair on our body do?

After giving the biological reason for the question “why don’t women have beards”? to learn its evolutionary and historical process Let’s take a look at the book Stuff You Should Know: An Incomplete Compendium of Mosdollarsy Interesting Things by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant. In this book, we see detailed information not only about the beard, but also about many topics that we are curious about.

Both men and women have hairs on their bodies. What is troubling today and to eliminate all these hairs we’ve been through a thousand and one ordeals actually have extremely important tasks and ensured our survival in the evolutionary process. To summarize in general;

  • General body hair functions to balance body temperature, called thermoregulation.
  • Hair protects our head from the sun and prevents heat loss in cold climates.
  • Lashes protect our eyes from insects, dust and other debris.
  • Eyebrows prevent sweat from entering our eyes.
  • Armpit hair prevents skin friction.
  • Pubic hair prevents friction and bacteria formation.

Look how important the hairs that we are disturbed today actually have. Well, the hairs that cover half of the men’s face. what does a beard do? If it has important functions like other hairs, why does it not occur in women, babies or children? For the answer to the question, we must look to the first people.

What is the use of cool beards, the symbol of strong men?

If even the small hairs on our bodies have such important duties, who knows how important the cool beard, which is the symbol of strong men in many periods of history, has, right? No, there isn’t.Beards are not at all intended to perform tasks similar to other hairs, but the answer lies in the very question itself.

According to Professor Geoffrey Miller, who sees it at the University of New Mexico, the beard has two important functions; intersexual attraction and intersexual rivalry. That is to impress women and intimidate rival men. In short, beards make men look strong by other men and look cool by women. We said that the answer is hidden in the question.

The one with the beard survives: The role of the beard in the evolutionary process

Imagine standing in the middle of the savannah with a stone in your hand. It’s not enough to be strong, you have to look strong. You somehow managed to defeat the lion, the tiger, but or other competitors? The most important weapon in your hand to appear strong against them is to cover your own face with hair, just like the faces of other predators. Thus, your opponent will instinctively understand that you are a dangerous creature.

Babies or boys do not have beards because they are not in the age of reproduction or struggle. Men’s beards begin to grow at the age of puberty, when the reproductive period begins, and turns into a real beard at the age when they are ready for reproduction. Just as women with large breasts and large hips were attractive to men in the evolutionary process, bearded men were also attractive to women in reproduction.

But that doesn’t explain why there are still men with almost no beards. What explains this fact is the negative frequency dependence, which is called NFD for short. This means, is the appeal of the rare. At some point in the evolutionary process, when everywhere was filled with men with beards and beating their opponents, women may have turned to men without beards and maybe not even strong. This orientation is thought to have taken place in the agricultural society at a time when power and reason were combined.

Shaving according to the opponent: The role of the beard in the historical process

In many different periods of history, we come across bearded and strong men, as well as clean-shaven men. Since the beard was a symbol of power and attractiveness, Why did even kings choose to shave?There is no clear answer to this question, but we can interpret the figures that appear periodically.

Ancient Romans shaved for hundreds of years because their rivals The ancient Greeks viewed the beard as a symbol of power and wisdom. While the barbarian Vikings were walking around with their coarse beards, the Catholics living in the England they invaded preferred to shave. Protestants in the same region chose to grow a beard against the Catholics.

Leaders also have a great influence on beards. Ruled in Rome in the 2nd century BC Emperor Hadrian grew a beard and the whole country followed him. King Henry V of England was the first king of the country to shave. The next 7 kings also followed Henry’s footsteps and shaved. In other words, in the historical process, men determined their beards according to their enemies or leaders, making them an important symbol.

Fashion now, but later? Beard concept today:

In an article published by The Economist in 2017, it was stated that the rate of beard growth in men increased, dozens of different models emerged, and even some men in the United Statesdollar series. for spending thousands of dollars a year for strong beards was mentioned. Today, we can say that the beard is in fashion, but we do not know how long this fashion will last.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the Daily Mail newspaper Could Your Facial Hair Put You at Risk for Coronavirus? An article named “Beard” was published and the relationship between beard and diseases was examined. A similar review was published in McClure’s in 1916 and since the beard is the home of all kinds of germs and bacteria was mentioned. If you’re going to grow a beard, it’s a good idea to wash your beard as often as your hands.

On the question of why men have beards but women do not by examining the evolutionary and historical process of the beardwe would answer the questions asked. Is the beard really a man’s make-up or an annoying hairball? You can share your thoughts on the subject in the comments.

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