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Established in 1998 Google, has been our hands and feet in the internet world almost since the day it was founded. It provides search engine services, develops the Android operating system, does advertising, YouTube in its hands, reveals the world to us with its Earth service and many more. In short, Google is a company that shapes our digital world.So why does this company spend a ton of money on war technologies, even if it promises?

The service we receive as an end user by Googledollarser is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, there are other companies under this billion-dollar company and different companies that he is a partner in. What does this company do? It invests in war technologies in direct relation to the US Defense. If you are wondering why, let’s take a closer look at the details of the subject.

Google CEO promised to stay away from war technologies:

Sundar Pichai, born in 1972, has been the CEO of Google since October 2, 2015. due to being a young and Indian manager had great support. It was thought that he would take Google one step further and find a radical solution to racism-based issues in the past. No lie, he also did successful work on this subject.


As his company’s investment in artificial intelligence efforts increased, people wanted a security guarantee from this next-generation manager. Because Google is part of the US Defense was involved in the 250 million dollar unmanned aerial vehicle project.Of course, the purpose of these unmanned aerial vehicles was to kill people.

In June 2018, Google CEO Sundar Pichai published an article titled Google AI: Our Principles, saying that artificial intelligence technology produced by Google will never be used for the purpose of harming people. announced that they were withdrawing from the unmanned aerial vehicle project.So Google would no longer be involved in war technologies. Is that so?

Let’s get to know Google’s sub-company series:

There is a company called Alphabet that was founded in 2015. The purpose of this company is Google and other Google-affiliated companydollarto gather the series under one roof. The CEO of this management company, which is necessary for such a large company that has made investments in different fields, is Sundar Pichai.

There is another company established in 2009. This company, formerly known as Google Ventures, is now called GV. This company, whose CEO is also Sundar Pichai, Google’s venture capital arm

It is recognized as . In other words, if there are businesses that are worth investing in, but risky and where Google’s name is not wanted to be confused, GV comes into play.

GV owns a stake in Orbital Insight, which was founded by former Google Books director James Crawford. GV also owns a large stake in a company called Planet, which was founded by NASA engineers. To summarize roughly, these two companies are analyzes data from different devices and satellites and provides intelligence to the U.S. Defense Force.

Google invests in war technologies through different companies:

Companies such as Planet and Orbital Insight, in which GV company owns a large amount of shares, The total value of their work with the US Defense Forces reached billions of dollars.There are many different contracts worth millions of dollars. In other words, although not directly, Google is in the war technology through the company it owns.

Orbital Insight company provides satellite images, drone images, images from more than 800 million devices. smartphone examines location data and it analyzes. In other words, this company can instantly monitor North Korea or countries and groups that the US considers enemies. Of course, it also analyzes climate change by monitoring the Amazon rainforest, but how profitable can this analysis be?

Things get even more interesting when we examine the Planet company because this company has exactly 150 satellites belonging to the tick. These small and large satellites, some of which are the size of a loaf of bread and some of which are the size of a refrigerator, send data to the company in real time. As you can imagine, Orbital Insight company does some of the analysis of the data.

According to a $10 million agreement between the Pentagon and Orbital Insight, the company will send all satellite images to the U.S. Defense Department within the scope of the Datahub project, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of day or night. Unmanned aerial vehicles with artificial intelligence will be able to hit the target in line with their own initiative.Yes, the drone project that Google ‘leaved’.

Not all employees are satisfied with this situation:

We learn from the article by Thomas Brewster on the Forbes website that Orbital Insight and Planet company employees are not satisfied with this situation, just like all the information we have. About the topic while no admin wanted to make a statementmany company employees have openly expressed their discomfort with these projects.

A Planet employee believes that satellites are used for purely humanitarian purposes and said he thought he was sent to protect the world and stated that the current projects are far from the targets they were told.

An Orbital Insight employee said their goal was to protect endangered chimpanzees in Indonesia, but later on it was their job. He says he’s back to hitting targets in Afghanistan.Many employees say that they do not understand how these works, which started with good intentions, turned into weapons that could recognize targets and shoot them with their own decision.

Why does Google invest in war technologies?

While it’s easy to get away with saying that Google is a company that will do anything to make money, it actually It is useful to go a little deeper.Yes, Google is a company and it has to make money. But he already earns enough. The purpose of investing in war technologies is not only to make money, but also to ensure the development of civilian technology.

Today, there are many indispensable parts of our daily life. when we examine the history of the product and technology we see that its foundations were laid either in the First World War or the Second World War. Because governments only invest in new products and technologies when it comes to war.

At this point, all companies, especially Google, need to take the hat and think about it. By giving an AI the power to killIs it really ethical to make some money and aim to improve civilian technology? How right is it to invest in technologies that have the capacity to kill thousands or even millions of people so that maybe artificial intelligence technology can easily enter our homes in a few years?

What we all know as an innocent digital service provider and search engine Why Google is investing in war technologies

We answered the question and explained the important details you need to know. You can share your thoughts about Google and similar companies investing in cool war technologies in the comments.

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