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We see that the smartphone industry focuses on different features every year and these features are getting better and better thanks to the company’s company. The most important trend in smartphones in the past years ‘How do we offer a wider screen experience?’ we went through a process.

Today this ‘better cameras every time

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has evolved into an understanding like ‘, but the trend of enlarging the screens had greatly increased the variety by enabling us to encounter different innovations in those years. The notches that came with the iPhone X were also a good example.

Solutions for frameless display:

It has long been a priority for manufacturers to remove bezels from smartphone screens and expand screens to improve user experiences such as mobile gaming and watching videos from phones. Apple this made with iPhone X and removed the bezel above the screen along with the middle key that has been on all iPhones for years. But it was replaced by a notch. In this notch, there was a system consisting of a camera, infrared, microphone, speaker, and ambient light sensor.

This notch was not just a notch and contained an important technology. While Android users laugh at this ‘ugly-looking design’, manufacturers are the ones Apple has placed in the notch. TrueDepth technology started researching. This technology, which brought features such as Face ID and Animoji, was a power hidden inside the notch and was a successful step towards solving many problems at that time.

A more secure system:

With this notch and the Face ID it added, Apple removed it from the bottom of the screen. Instead of Touch ID attribute has also added a much more functional feature. This advanced technology was far ahead of Android phones based on a simple camera system, although facial recognition systems existed at that time. In addition, Face ID is one of the facial recognition features offered by Android phones. was a much safer system.

Notches seem to be going nowhere until under-display cameras improve:

Facial recognition isn’t the only solution the notches offer. At the same time, the notches are made by all manufacturers. front cameras a common solution they found on where to put it. Of course, there were no interesting experiments in this regard. For example, we talked about pop-up cameras for a while. Unfortunately, these interesting camera systems coming out of the top of the phone could not take a permanent place because was not practical and long-lasting.

The most important step in this regard is under screen cameras, but this system is not developed enough yet. Therefore, the notches on the screens still appear. Although there are rumors that Apple will abandon the notch in 2022, we do not have any evidence yet. However, if the under-screen camera performance is perfect, there is no doubt that Apple will take this step.

After the notch criticisms collected by Apple, an interesting situation occurred and the manufacturers were one after another. started adding notch to their phones. A similar situation was experienced when the 3.5 mm headphone jack was removed and the charging aledollar series was removed from the box. So actually Apple although some although not the first time to try the features made those features popular with its improvements.

The notch we talked about so much was actually not first seen on the iPhone X and was not Apple’s idea. However, Apple made it meaningful by placing features inside the notch that justifies it being there. The notches, which maintain their place in the iPhone 13 family, have already returned to forms that look like tiny drop notches or dots in Android manufacturers. Apple’s notch persistence, on the other hand, continues to maintain its place with its powerful features.

If you want to check out our video of 5 reasons not to buy the iPhone 13:

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