Our furry dosdollars feel much safer in small, confined spaces. Especially the moment they see a box, nothing is more valuable to them anymore. So what is it that when they see a box, they start behaving like an insect that has seen light?

Cats are elusive creatures, even science hasn’t fully unraveled their mystery. Different possibilities are being considered. Here are some of them:

One of the reasons they like to curl up in a small space to sleep is because they want to maintain their body temperature.

Since cats were animals living in the desert in the early days , they used to protect themselves by going into a nook against high temperatures. They have an evolutionary instinct. In one study, the optimum temperature range for house cats was found to be between 30-36 degrees. Cardboard boxes like to be between these limits because they provide insulation and create an ideal temperature for cats.

You may have stumbled upon cat fights often, but cats are not as belligerent as they seem. They prefer to retreat to a corner rather than get involved in a fight.

Instead of solving the problem, they escape from the problem by entering a box-like place . So these small spaces with boundaries make them feel safer.

Cats instinctively curl up into a ball when they sleep to protect their bellies.

They don’t like to expose their bellies like dogs do. This is because their abdomen is the most vulnerable spot on the body and they prefer to protect these areas against dangers . They stay alert even when they are indoors.

The fact that they are lurking hunters is also thought to have an effect. As

Boxes provide an advantage in spying on prey , such areas instinctively become attractive to them.

They also like to go into quiet, narrow, dark spaces to keep themselves away from stress.

In a study conducted in the Netherlands, one group of goats was allowed to sleep in boxes, while the other group was not. Then, when the tension levels of the cats were examined, it was seen that the cats with the box were much more peaceful.

Some factors easily offend them, so they are drawn to slander. That’s why you need to provide this type of suitable environment for the cats you keep at home , it will help them relieve stress. You can buy a cat house, a cat bed, a cat tree with cubes in it. If they are doing the hiding behavior more than normal, they may be under too much stress. This requires you to consult a veterinarian.

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