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In recent years, you may have seen videos of people who are talking in whispers or watching videos on different social media platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. These shares, called ASMR videos,in fact, people have felt for many years but cannot name it. ASMR is preparing to trigger its effect.

ASMR effect, is not a scientific term. However, in recent years, it has become accepted by everyone because it expresses a feeling that people commonly experience and cannot describe. The videos that trigger the ASMR effect, which in its simplest definition express a meaningless pleasure, have become very popular lately. Bride What is ASMR videos, why is it watched so much, what is its scientific explanation let’s see it closely.

What is ASMR?

The Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR effect, defined by Jennifer Allen, a Facebook user in 2010, is the pleasurable tingling that a person feels in the face of a meaningless situation. This pleasure effect, which generally starts from the neck, spreads to the whole back and gives goosebumps, is felt by many people, even though it is not scientifically defined.

The ASMR response, which we can also call the pleasure response to a meaningless effect, is often even if likened to sexual pleasurePeople who experience this effect clearly reject this relationship. While the effects of sexual pleasure are generally specific, the factors that create the ASMR effect often change, even periodically.

How to trigger ASMR?

Although how the ASMR effect manifests varies from person to person, most of them are seen as meaningless, everyday and mundane things. People experiencing this effect although they offer different reasons It is possible to talk about some basic triggers in general.

  • Chewing
  • Eye contact
  • Do not play with hair
  • hum
  • Light games
  • Massage
  • Page turning
  • Mixing paint
  • Careful eyes
  • Don’t touch
  • Write
  • Someone who is concentrated
  • Whisper

In general, we can collect ASMR triggers under a few basic titles in this way. is known to have a different intensity effect on everyone.Some can feel the ASMR effect even when reading these triggers. So the situation is a bit complicated.

What are ASMR videos?

Although we have encountered videos with ASMR triggers in different periods, people To create the ASMR effectAfter 2010, we started to encounter such videos, specially prepared by content producers, more widely.

In general, ASMR videos offer key triggers that will have this effect on people. Even if it is seen as meaningless to users who do not feel such an effect these types of videos are videos where daily tasks are presented in a loop or where the content producer is whispering in front of the microphone and sharing simple sounds such as rustling paper.

When we look at Google statistics 77% of the ASMR video audience kidollars are young people between the ages of 18 and 24.Creators who want to appeal to young people are whispering to create an ASMR effect in some gaming videos. ASMR triggers are used in different content, there are videos produced only for this purpose and there are YouTube channels that share videos prepared only for this purpose.

What is the scientific equivalent of the ASMR effect?

As we mentioned earlier, ASMR is not a scientific definition. Because it is a feeling that people feel intensely but cannot describe. had not been studied scientifically either. Until it became popular after 2010. In 2012, clinical neurologist Steven Novella at Yale University School of Medicine wrote an article on the ASMR effect.

According to Steven Novella, the ASMR effect may actually be a type of nervous breakdown. It is strange, Some nerve seizures can be really pleasurable.The human brain is programmed to exhibit positive and negative behavior for pain and pleasure. Situations that felt painful before but were pleasurable because they were survived were included in this program in the evolutionary process.

The ASMR effect, which can be evaluated within the concept of a kind of neurodigestion, can also be defined as people’s enjoyment of pain. In the face of a strange, disturbing, meaningless or even painful situationsome people are known to enjoy it. While not as radical as sadism or masochism, the ASMR effect can describe small pleasures in small pains.

How do you know if you feel the ASMR effect?

We have said that the ASMR effect is the pleasure felt in the face of a strange, meaningless, disturbing and even painful situation. The occurrence of this effect is a personal situation.So a trigger that creates an ASMR effect on millions of people may be a meaningless video for you.

The definitive definition of the ASMR effect by everyone is a feeling of pleasure and tingling that starts in the neck and spreads to the back. In the face of a sexual or non-emotional triggerIf you are experiencing such a feeling, this is your ASMR effect and trigger.

You can discover such videos by watching some ASMR videos we have shared or by searching for yourself. Maybe you can find a unique situation that will trigger your own influence. However, let me point out; it’s the little pleasures in the face of little pain. If you enjoy watching truly disturbing thingsThis may be a psychological disorder.

Why are ASMR videos getting so much attention?

ASMR videos are gaining traction because creators have discovered what triggers create this effect in humans. In the internet world, some content attracts much more attention than others.This is the trend of today’s world, ASMR videos that give small pleasures.

The future of ASMR videos is one of the most curious topics. Such videos will not take over the internet. However, just as some people watch cat videos, accident videos, fight videos, live broadcast accidents for relief; some will also watch ASMR videos. This stream will not end, but will be included in the videos that appeal to a kidollarse with a smaller number of people over time.

Triggering the ASMR effect, defined as meaningless pleasure What are ASMR videos, why are they getting so much attention? and we talked about what you need to know about this extraordinary trend. Do you watch ASMR videos, how do you feel while watching? You can share your thoughts in the comments.

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