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The planet is the name given to the astronomical objects that have gathered the crowd of stars around them. In the Solar System we are in, there are 8 planets together with our Earth. Yes, Pluto is still a dwarf planet. In our Solar System or not, all the first thing that draws attention when we look at these planets are their shapes. All planets have a shaped round shape.

Well, Have you ever thought why all these planets are round? Nobody expects to see square and similar shapes with sharp edges, but at least they can have different structures such as flattened, pentagonal and so on. However, they are not. For the answer to the question of why all planets are round, it is useful to take a look at those deserted times when planets were formed. The story of how planets formed also answers why they are round.

Let’s go to the beginning of it all: How were the planets formed?

Everyone knows about the Big Bang, the event we call the big paddle, the first stage of the formation of the universe. It After the big paddling, the surroundings turned to the fire place. All these pieces scattered around by Padolizmama were scattered around according to their heads and wandered in the space for a while with an irregular route. However, over time, some of them began to bump into each other and grow, adding other pieces to themselves.

At this point, the definition of the planet needs to be expanded a little more. planets this they grew by the merging of the parts that crashed into each other and large objects that have the potential to become planets around them. Objects that have already successfully completed this process are called planets. So how did these planets absorb the planetary bodies around them? The answer is very simple, thanks to gravity.

Why are planets round?

Planets became the object that we call planet today by adding the objects around them. The biggest factor in their becoming this state and maintaining this state is, is the gravitational force they have. The planet, whose gravitational force increases as its size grows, ticks everything around it thoroughly and becomes a round, beautiful planet.

Why is it round? Because gravity applies a gravitational force from the outside to the inside.You can think of it like the rods of a bicycle wheel. Since everything in the universe is in motion, at the end of the gravity applied by the strong core, the planets rotate and take a round shape.

Since the process has been like this since the first days of the universe and there is no other option, all planets are round, that is, in the shape of a circle. Maybe there were planets that wouldn’t be round, butthey boiled in between because the gravitational force of the planets we know today is stronger. Objects that do not apply gravity and thus do not form a unity are doomed to disappear somehow.

When we look at objects in space, we see a movement. Some people break away from somewhere and go forward, some are spinning around themselves.The planets we know today continue to exist, thanks to gravity’s potential to collect everything in one spot. But at this point, it is useful to open a new topic because not all planets are perfectly round.

Are all planets really round?

Don’t say, ‘You’ve been saying round since now, what happened?’ Okay, all planets are round, but not that round. For example, the planet we live in. World, 0% in midfield. 3 is thicker. If you remember the science lessons, we used to use the definition of ellipse for the Earth, not round.

Like Earth, Mars is one of the planets in the middle. This thickness is about 0%. around 6. Saturn 10% in the middle. The middle part of Jupiter is 6% while 7 is thick. 9 percent thick. Uranus has a medium thickness ratio of 2%. 3, Neptune’s mid-thickness ratio is 1%. is 7. So planets are actually always somewhat oval in shape. That’s all, so what should we do?

Well, my brother, is there no round planet as if it was made by a sculptor? Isn’t it? There is Mercury and Venus. If you look at the planets Mercury and Venus from a distance, you will see that they are literally round. Although this situation is not certain, it is thought to be caused by the structure of matter and gas.

If we answered the question of why all planets are round and we shared some details you need to know about the universe. If you look at not only the planets, but also at any point in the universe, you may encounter an image that will surprise you. Explaining these images is left to scientific studies that continue at full speed.

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