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One of Netflix’s American series projects Love 101 made a name for itself last year. The series, which was liked by everyone after its broadcast, quickly became America’s and even abroad has become popular. In response to this interest, it was stated that the second season of the series will be shot in a short time.

A question on everyone’s mind; okay love 101 2. When will the season come? It has been a long time since the release of the first season, so people have been asking this question frequently lately. Also, those who wonder how the 2nd season will be outnumbered. We have written this article for you in order to minimize the questions and complexities in these minds. Let’s first remember what happened in the first season.

Before it started: What happened in the first season of Love 101?

Love 101 is a youth series that aired on the Netflix platform last year. This series consists of 8 episodes; In addition to being a youth series, it has also made many people laugh with its funny scenes. Although it easily reveals its subject due to its name, it is not just a love series for Aşk 101. Because of its subject many people’s drew his attention, so it can be said that it is a series that can appeal to everyone, not just teenagers.

If we were to briefly summarize what happened in the first season; Love 101 brings to life a subject that took place in 1998 and has survived to the present day. The only hope is for 5 students to join the school and not be expelled as a result. their favorite teacher is planning to keep it in school.

Thanks to their plan, these 5 rebellious young people will taste both friendship and love. About each other as they spend time together biased they will notice that they are behaving. Each character also has a world of their own to hide. They will also find that they have a lot of common traits and feel strong together.

The “apology” scene that is engraved in everyone’s mind and is the focus of criticism:

The 8-episode first season of the series was broadcast on Netflix on April 24. The shooting of Love 101 took place in a high school in Beşiktaş district of New York. In addition to leaving a nice impression on the audience with every episode, everyone will remember when mudollar a scene. That scene is undoubtedly that the principal of the school asks 5 youngsters to apologize to him in front of the school.

The school principal asks everyone to apologize in front of all teachers and students because he thinks these young people are harming the school because of their problems, and asks for this by giving them a paper with a letter of apology. Otherwise he threatens to expel them from school. However, these 5 young people know very well to act according to their own wishes and thoughts, not according to what they are resisting. That’s why none of them apologize, but rather support each other.

The cast that will also take place in the second season of Aşk 101:

Directed by Ahmet Katıksız and Deniz Yorulmazer the leading roles in this series; Kaan Urgancıoğlu (), Pinar Deniz (Sign), Alina Boz (Eda), Kubilay Aka (Kerem), Silk Filiz Printer (Light), Selahattin Pasali (Osman) and Mert Yazicioglu (Sinan) shares. The script of the series was written by Meriç Acemi.

It is obvious that young actors also made an important contribution to the attention of the series. Interesting characters and with their successful acting have established a throne in the hearts of many people, which made the series even more viewable. After Love 101, each actress received an intense affection from the audience.

What will Love 101 tell in the second season?

Selahattin Paşalı, one of the leading actors of the series, with his social media posts second season is complete has specified. Under the post of Aşk 101 Osmanı ‘No sad goodbyes’

He did not forget to drop grade. This sharing made a tremendous impact on social media and everyone expressed that they were waiting for the new season with great enthusiasm and curiosity.

After Selahattin Paşalı’s post, his fellow actors did not leave him alone, and shared sequentially. In addition, Mert Yazicioglu’s sharing is also like collected.

Who will play the grown-up versions of the young characters?

Since the day Love 101 was published, another curiosity of the young characters grown-ups is who will be animated. In the final part of the first season, we learned who will play the grown-ups of the two characters. The grown-up of Eda Bade İşçil, the present state of Light Tuğba Ünsal will animate.

Since there is no exact information about the other characters yet, it is not known who will play the role. Despite this, viewers can’t help but make predictions about this issue. What are you thinking? Who do you think will be the new names to join the staff?

When will the second season of Love 101 be released?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question, which is curious about the fans of the series and many people, is not yet clear, but your work for the trailer of the new season gaining momentum can be expressed. Its first season began filming in June 2019. After the set that lasted for about 7 months, it met with the audience for the first time in April 2020.

Although there is no official statement about the release date of the 2nd season of Love 101, it will be released after the 2nd season filming is completed. that date is approaching there are a lot of viewers thinking. In addition, since the first season of the series was released last April, the majority of viewers April or May

Pending release like .

In this article, we wanted to remind you of the first season of Love 101 and we wanted to be able to go a little bit with the questions in mind. Season 2 is expected to air soon. We hope you answered all your questions and had an enjoyable reading. What do you think of love 101? We look forward to your comments below. If you are curious about this and many other content, it will be enough to follow Webtekno.

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