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The most widely accepted theory of the origin of the universe big padollama. According to the theory in question, space and time as we know them arose through a huge swaying that took place at a single point. So when did the first galaxies or stars form? According to a new study, scientists when the first stars appeared they have detected.

Scientists from the Royal Astronomical Society of England say that the event known as the “cosmic dawn”, when the first stars appeared, 250 to 350 million years after the great padol

They discovered that was occurring. of the universe 13.8 billion years old, we can say that the first stars appeared 13.5-13.4 billion years ago.

Professor at University College London. Richard Ellis, in the statement they made about their discovery, ” We have the first convincing evidence of when the universe was first bathed in starlight“. Scientists, for discovery 6 farthest galaxies viewed. The galaxies in question are located at such a great distance from Earth that even the most powerful telescopes several pixels in size they can be seen.

At the Kavli Institute for Astronomy in Cambridge, one of the leaders of the study, Dr. Nicolas Laporte said of the discovery: By observing when this important moment in the history of the universe took place. we were able to guess for the first time” and continued his explanations as follows:

“It’s amazing to think that particles of light have been traveling through space for over 13 billion years and then enter a telescope. The amazing thing about being an astrophysicist is, time travel and witnessing the distant past capability. “

Another important aspect of the study in terms of science was that even the first galaxies in the universe were able to reach the Earth enough to conduct research on them. Thus, the James Webb Space Telescope the most powerful telescope will enable more discoveries about the history of the universe.

Astronomer Royal of Scotland Prof. Catherine Heymans, in a statement on the subject, said, ” As humanity, a small civilization on planet Earth, we can send into space and are just a few of the Great Padollarama. the ability to create a telescope with which we can look into the universe a hundred million years from now isn’t it awesome?“.

The first stars had a very different structure from our only star, the Sun. These stars, which only convert hydrogen to helium and have a much larger size than the Sun, formed the other heavy elemental series in the universe when they paddled. Speaking about the research in question, Prof. Richard Ellis” We ourselves for we are the product of stellar evolution we look at our own origin” he said.

To carry out the research in question, scientists first calculated how far the galaxies are from Earth. The further away the galaxies are, the longer it takes for their light to reach Earth. Therefore, the galaxies in question are so ‘old’. The six galaxies covered in this study are among the oldest detected and present pushes the limits of telescopes observation.

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