One of the biggest problems faced by America’s consumers is that many products, from cosmetics to food, as you can imagine,

Pay much higher prices than available for sale. As such, people first turn to discounted products to save money while shopping, and unless there is an urgent need, they usually buy the things they want when they are on sale.

Dozens such as Trendyol, Hepsiburada and Çiçek Sepeti , which brings the discount opportunities of online stores to its users through its own website.Picodi conducted a new survey on the shopping habits of American users. Let’s take a closer look at the data shared by Picodi, which offers users the opportunity to save money in online shopping, on how Americans save.

The most discounted product categories:

While shopping, we often wait for discount periods for non-urgent products. Picodi’s survey also confirms this theory. When we look at the survey results, it is among the product categories that American consumers buy with the most discounts. food, books, clothing and shoes is located.

of users “sometimes” is on sale and the product categories it buys include cosmetics and perfumery, sports equipment, home aledollar series, underwear, pharmaceuticals and child care products. If it is among the products we prefer to buy with the first price, without waiting for it to be discounted. pet products, cars, car parts and jewelry exists.

The products we expect to be discounted instead of buying:

According to Picodi’s survey, Americans prefer home aledollar series (84%), clothing and shoes (80%), travel (71%) and sports products (67). to get discount instead of buying from the first price waiting.

The reason behind buyers shopping at a discount

When we look at the results of the survey, the main reason behind the discount shopping of the participants is; saving money. At the same time, the participants stated that they found the prices without discounts to be very high and that the discounts helped to get to know the brands closely.

Of course, there are also consumers who stated that they do not expect products to be discounted in the survey. 18% of female participants and 30% of male participants, don’t worry about fiyadollarsar states. At the same time, some consumers quality products deserve high prices. products of poor quality or past SKT believes it is.

Discount brings waste with it

One of the most striking details in Picodi’s research is that some product categories purchased while on sale are on sale. to be left unused in a corner or to be thrown away after a while. The list of product categories that are forgotten on the shelves or thrown away without being used is as follows:

  • Clothing and shoes
  • Food
  • Sports equipment
  • Cosmetics and perfumery
  • Books

Methods consumers use to save:

As you can imagine, there are many methods to follow to save money on shopping. According to the survey conducted by Picodi, the most popular of these methods is, price comparison services. Shelves with products that are nearing their expiration date are one of the most preferred methods of saving, after price comparison services.

Although such methods are popular, it is seen that most of the people who participated in the survey are unaware of these methods and avoid using them even if they are aware of them. For example, although price comparison services are one of the most preferred methods, 36% of the participants say that they are not aware of or use these services. stated.

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