With so many gaming monitors on the market, it becomes almost too confusing for an inexperienced gamer to distinguish the best from the rest.

For this reason, most users usually want to use products that professional gamers like Ninja use. The success of professional players like Ninja in fps games has become an exemplary player for many users.

Skills and experience are undoubtedly very important in games, but it is also important to have the right gear. That’s why professional gamers like Ninja choose their accessories carefully.

In this article we will see Ninja’s favorite monitor that he always prefers to play his games and we will understand what factors make it sought after by professionals like Ninja all over the world.

Which Monitor Does Ninja Use?

Ninja runs Dell Alienware 25. The Dell Alienware monitor has been around for a while. It’s faster, brighter and quite responsive than others.

Let’s take a look at what the monitor has to offer.

So Why Did Dell Choose Ninja Alienware 25?

We will discuss at length why Ninja prefers the Dell Alienware 25 over the others. It has to be something unique to its specs in terms of high refresh rates, panel quality, hardware support or flawless connectivity.

Achieve High Refresh Rates Without Overclocking

The first thing any professional gamer will look at on the monitor is the refresh rate. The refresh rate lies between 50-75 Hz on most standard monitors, the Alienware 25 has the potential to deliver up to 240 Hz.

But a higher refresh rate isn’t enough to grab the attention of a professional gamer like Ninja.

To achieve refresh rates higher than 60Hz, gamers often have to carefully overclock their monitors against the wind.

But the Alienware 25 lets you get up to 240HZ without overclocking your monitor.

Impressive FHD TN Panel

While the world ponders on UHD monitors, the ninja gets stuck on the Alienware 25’s 1080p TN display.

Technically, sitting close to the monitor and constantly starting from the screen left almost no room for you to notice the visual difference between 4k and 1080p images.

In addition, the monitor displays excellent whites and deeper blacks. Thanks to the 1000:1 contrast ratio, the screen does not disappoint you in terms of color reproduction.

Enhanced G-sync and Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) support

The monitor comes with NVidia G-sync technology, which converts the monitor’s ‘static refresh rate’ to ‘variable’ to match your system’s GPU.

To elaborate, a monitor’s refresh rate alone cannot provide you with smoother gameplay unless you have a high fps GPU.

Not only that, the GPU also produces variable fps while the refresh rate on the monitor remains constant.

As a result, users cannot see the results despite the high refresh rate monitor.

What G-sync does is combine both the monitor and the GPU to give you the most responsive gaming experience.

Borderless Display with Anti-Glare Technology

The Alienware 25 comes with a narrow bezel of 5mm at the top and 14mm at the bottom. The size is as frameless as you can find in the market.

On top of that, once you launch the monitor, you’ll hardly notice the bezel – seriously, it’s really stylish.

It also comes with an anti-glare layer that provides excellent light rejection and presents a crystalline nedollarsic and grain-free picture.

A Robust and Long-Lasting Structure

The monitor comes with a solid metal body with a slim and tilt-free design.

It also seems easy to maneuver at the monitor position. You can scroll the panel up and down a wide range.

Likewise, the monitor offers a good tilt of up to 25 degrees backward and 5% forward. By the way, there are some restraints in the turn, that is, up to 20 degrees on each side.

Glamourous Lighting Creates the Perfect Gaming Environment

Visual appearance remains a strong buying factor for a gaming monitor. The monitor comes with three light bars on the back with a flagship alien symbol in the upper right corner.

You also get 20+ color options for the OSD.

Integrated HDMI, USB 3.0 and audio output for Seamless Connection

The monitor is integrated with the latest G-sync module that offers seamless connection to the display port via HDMI input.

Apart from that, the monitor has one upstream and four downstream USB 3.0 ports.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not include any built-in speakers in the monitor. However, you can use the audio output to connect your headphones or home theater system.


While most people love IPS panels, only professionals like Ninja know the true value of a TN panel. From incredible refresh rates to advanced G-sync and ULMB support, the Alienware 25 Monitor is everything you need in a gaming monitor. Given its affordable price, we totally agree with Ninja’s decision.

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