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Social, individual, domestic, violence against children and women have become an integral part of the regular America agenda. These news are increasing rapidly not only in our country, but all over the world. as humanity we are inflicting more violence on each other day by day. We do this as humanity because violenceapp status is only considered as a human made status.

What is violence

We often think of the answer to the question as inflicting physical pain on the other party, but this is not the only answer to violence. Even creating emotional states that make a person feel bad is defined as violence. Perhaps one of the biggest problems of our time. by examining the question of what is violence a little more closelyLet’s look for the answer to why people do such a thing.

What is violence?

In its most general definition, violence; against a person or group and its purpose, is to harm the life, property and values ​​of that person or group. is all of the behaviors. When we look at it from this point of view, even verbally harmful behaviors are evaluated under the title of violence.

Arabic to our language serdollarsikmeans ‘violence’the root word of violence has been used in English since the 20th century ‘violence’

It is defined by the word . In French and English, this word is applying force to a person means to do what you want and to harm.

The American Language Association defines the word violence as the degree of power and use of force against those who have opposing views,. According to the World Health Organization, violence; In addition to applying physical and psychological pressure to other people and communities, it also refers to the pressure exerted by the tick. The person who does not apply this pressure but mediates the application of pressure is also considered a perpetrator of violence.

What are the types of violence?

  • Violence against women
  • Violence against children
  • Violence against youth
  • Violence against the elderly
  • Violence between peers
  • Violence between siblings
  • Violence between close partners
  • Dating violence
  • Violence against the disabled
  • Violence against LGBT people
  • Violence against refugees
  • Violence against healthcare workers
  • Violence of the person against the tick
  • Violence against living things
  • Violence against nature

These types of violence mentioned are the types of violence determined according to the victims of violence. The types of violence used are physical, sexual, emotional, k and cyber violence According to the perpetrators of violence, we can talk about some basic types of violence.

  • Violence resulting in death
  • Bodily violence
  • Sexual violence
  • suicide
  • Terror
  • strike
  • Revolution
  • State terrorism
  • Industrial violence
  • War

In these violence classifications made by Interpol, we see that not only individuals or societies perpetrate violence.Employers and governments can also use violence against the individual. War, which is seen as the most intense form of violence, defines the violence applied by statesmen against each other.

What are the causes of violence?

  • Reduction of 5-hydroxyindolacetic acid in the brain
  • Increased Norepinephrine and L-dopa in the brain
  • Limbic system problems
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Alcohol use
  • Pleasure substance use
  • Experiencing and/or witnessing childhood violence
  • Crowded life chardollaryellow
  • Other social problems affecting individual psychology
  • Domestic unrest
  • Manic bipolar disorder
  • schizophrenia
  • Paranoid disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Antisocial personality disorder
  • Problems and drugs affecting the central nervous system

To make a subjective comment; none of these reasons does not justify one’s violence. However, some of the reasons scientists found by examining violent behavior are like this. Basically, it seems that troubled people tend to be violent.

Is there violence among animals?

As humans, when we watch animals from afar, we see a constant state of violence. Behaviors such as biting, smashing is seen as violence for us. However, when we consider the definition of violence, the main reason for using violence is to put pressure on the other party. Animals do not behave this way.

Violent behavior in animals the main reason is nutrition and defense. The violent behavior of male animals to be a leader or to mate with a female is instinctive. As humans, we can solve this problem by voting or by talking because we are human. Although there are exceptions, it is possible to say that the violent behavior in animals is different from humans.

Where does violence begin?

In some cases, even the perpetrator is unaware that he or she is committing violence. Especially in the modern world, most of the sane people are against physical violence. However even a simple joke is meant to put pressure on the other partythis situation is called violence.

Verbal violence is the modern world’s greatest weapon. As in the cave period the modern man who cannot drag the woman by the hair; learned to use verbal violence techniques such as humiliation, insults, making you feel worthless, manipulation. Likewise, since we do not fight for leadership like animals, we use similar methods.

In fact, the violence can also be defined as causing harm. If we prevent the other person from meeting with his friends, being a self-confident individual, doing what he wants, being mudollarsu, being free, getting a raise, and laughing, this situation should be clearly defined as violence.

Internet violence: Cyberbullying

We can think that violent humanity, which has reached the free world of the internet, no longer beats or cursed each other on the street, but freely shares its thoughts. However With the internet, a different type of violence has entered our lives. This type of violence, which has different definitions such as cyber bullying and cyber violence, is applied through digital channels.

According to UNICEF; falsely talking about a person on social media, sharing embarrassing photos of someone, Sending offensive messages, threatening, making offensive comments on fake accounts are considered as cyber violence. The victim of cyber violence may suffer psychological, emotional and physical harm.

How can we prevent violence?

There is no single cause of violence, nor is there a single solution. Any type of violence has specific just and often unjust reasons. The law’s strict rules on this issue can have a deterrent effect, but it is an obvious fact that there is no definitive solution for violence.

Experts working in state institutions should analyze the causes of violence and be supported by the state. they need to make moves to eliminate these reasons. The social and social causes of violence should be resolved by the state; individual causes should be resolved with necessary medical interventions.

one of the biggest problems of our time, on the question of what is violencewe examined why people behave like this. By reminding that we are against all kinds of violence, we hope for the days when we cry only from mudollars.

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