Intel has unveiled its character and mascot, which will be used to market the ARC graphics brand’s upcoming first series, Alchemist. In an interview with HotHardware, the hardware manufacturer talked about the background of the ARC character, which was first introduced at the Architecture Day 2021 presentation.

The graphics card series that join the Intel ARC GPU family will be named after the fictional characters in various games. According to Intel, the name Alchemist is derived from a variety of fantasy games, including Final Fantasy XIV and Dungeons & Dragons. In these games, the Alchemist can craft powerful potions from basic herbs, elemendollarser, and other ingredients.

Starting the road with the name Alchemist, the blue team will include names such as Batdollarsemage, Celestial and Druid in the game cards based on the Xe-HPG architecture. While the name Batdollarsemage comes from the world of Elder Scrolls, the name Celestial came up with a mix of various fantasies, including the latest Marvel Eternals movie. Druid is said to be a common character based on the fantasy RPG/RTS universe.

Rivals NVIDIA and AMD are inspired by scientists and stars when naming their GPUs. Intel, on the other hand, prefers to use fantasy and mythological characters, as you can understand. It is very nice that they are inspired by the game in this regard.

These characters currently serve as icons for every series belonging to the ARC GPU brand. However, the blue team is asking people for information on what they can do at this point. Intel may also offer ARC-branded products using these symbols in the future, such as t-shirts or mugs.

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