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The most basic feeling we need from the first moment we open our eyes to the world
is a feeling of trust. The bond established between mother and child in the first two years of life is the most important foundation laid for the health of her future years. Attachment; It is the emotional bond that develops between the infant and the primary caregiver, in which one or both parties seek closeness, and shows self more in situations of stress and separation.

Special Education, which expresses that a bond is formed between every parent and baby
Teacher and Psychologist Mine Ağır says, “Babies are not with the person they spend more time with,
develops a healthy bond with the person who meets their needs. Don’t connect whatever
, although it occurs between the ages of 0-2, its effects continue throughout the child’s life. “
he said.

Nutrition, Safety and Love…

Special Education Teacher and Psychologist Mine Ağır, who mentioned that attachment type, mother-baby attachment, whether the baby’s needs are met and how they are met, said: “The most basic needs of a baby are nutrition, safety and love. The most important element of attachment is that your baby
needs to be understood by the caregiver and met appropriately.
For the healthy development of a newborn baby, physical and emotional
needs must be met. Meeting these needs contributes to a healthy secure attachment.

Attachment type and the relationship with the parents play an important role in shaping the child’s relationships with other people, social life, self-perception, and outlook on the world. The bond that the baby establishes supports his / her future social, emotional and mental development and affects his / her relationships as an adult, his / her view of the world as a safe place or an unsafe place, self-perception and personality. ”He said in the form.

Why is Secure Connection Important?

Speaking about the importance of secure attachment, Psychologist Mine Ağır said, “
, children with a secure bond are always next to the mother and father.
and it knows that it can meet their needs. Mother father
is comfortable with him and explores the surroundings. Children with a secure attachment,
react in the absence of the mother-father but when they come back they calm down.
I’m here from your parent, I hear you, I understand you, it’s worth you
I give the messages that they are understood, valued, accepted
, the child’s confidence in both the tick and its environment will be supported positively. The most basic way of transmitting these messages is to understand all of his positive and negative emotional signals, to connect with his emotions, to make him feel understood, from the moment he is born, even from the moment of his mother’s womb, to responding to his needs by accepting his emotions as they are without judging, belittling or ignoring.

Safe attachment children believe that ‘I can cope’ in the face of difficulties
and their self-esteem is higher. Securely attached children also
they are more successful in managing their environment using their intuition. ” said.

Insecure Attachment Risks

Children who have insecurely attached children are much less curious about their environment and
stating that they can display timid attitudes, Ağır said, “Many studies show that securely attached children in early childhood are more competent in their social relationships in the following years, and securely attached children adapt more easily than their insecure attached peers.
Research also reveals that securely attached children are more accepted and have more friends in their primary school years. It was found that these children had higher lecture nodules yellow and were more likely to be goal-oriented and collaborative. Insecure attached children had more difficulty in academic processes. Insecure attachment is also a risk factor for negative emotions and mental health. ”He stated.

What Can It Do to Support Secure Connection?

Touching on ‘how to support secure attachment’, Ağır, the things to do are as follows.
• Looking in the eyes while communicating with the baby from the moment of birth strengthens the bond between the baby and the parents.
• Persons who give constant care in the life of babies, especially in the early stages of life,
must be fixed figures.
• Frequent change of other caregivers (caregivers, etc.) in the life of children negatively affects the establishment of a secure attachment relationship.
• It is important to prepare babies and young children for separation. For example; on the way to work
to talk to the baby and prepare him for the breakup, “I’m going to work now, your grandmother will take good care of you while I’m away. “ In the evening, I’ll come home again
we will meet. ” Leaving unseen to the child while leaving the house and running away damages the child’s confidence in you, reinforces the feelings of insecurity and increases their reaction to separation. For this reason, the child should say goodbye to mudollar. Telling the baby that he will be leaving, leaving home by saying goodbye and saying that he will come back prevents the child from feeling abandoned and helps him to feel safe. Leaving home without saying goodbye leads to more difficult negative consequences.
• Although mothers are the first caregivers, babies are
also develop attachment to their father. Fathers have a very valuable role in the baby’s life. How much time they spend, playing games and interacting is valuable.
• Physical contact with the baby is invaluable for secure attachment. With baby
Tickling played, “ceeee” games, hand-foot massages
• It should respond appropriately to the baby’s emotions and is accessible to the baby.
. Positive emotions, such as when the baby is scared, sad
should know that he can be with his parents when he lives.
• When going to work, going out, etc. with a baby or early child. one
How long is the baby’s mother-
to observe that he needs to spend time with the father well, to explain what he is out for and say that he has returned, to give the baby the time he needs first, to be busy with other tasks after giving it, the baby can reach the parents after being separated and emotional It helps him learn that he will be given the time to meet his needs and to feel safe.

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