Unfortunately, in our country, how dangerous natural events such as earthquakes, floods and avalanches can be. in recent years of disasters we have experienced often. However, one of them is often overlooked; lightning. A lightning strike can be the beginning of many great disasters, especially fires, and even the end can be death when it falls directly on a living thing.

Our biggest weapon against lightning strikes is lightning rod. Lightning Rod system has been used by people for hundreds of years as a precaution against lightning strikes. Using lightning rods is a real life saver, especially in cities and high-rise buildings where the electricity load is intense. Bride what is lightning rod, how does it work, how was it discovered for the first time

Let’s take a closer look at questions like .

What is lightning rod?

Lightning Rod, is one of the most effective parts of a precautionary system called the lightning protection system, which has been used for hundreds of years all over the world. In other words, contrary to what is known, the name of this system is not lightning rod. Lightning rod is only a part of this complex system. But it is possible to say that it is the most important part.

Lightning protection system; with catch piece consists of lightning rod, conductor, grounding and surge arrester. The part that catches the lightning as soon as it falls is the lightning rod. Although it has different uses throughout history, most of this system is basically made of metal material. Thus, electrically charged lightning is transmitted to the ground without damaging anything.

How does lightning rod work?

First of all, the building where the lightning rod is to be installed is examined by experts. How often will lightning strike, how much diameter will it have, how much energy it can come studies are carried out. According to the results of this study, the most suitable lightning rod type is selected.

After selecting the appropriate lightning protection system, first the metal lightning rod is to the highest point of the building. is placed at the closest point to the lightning. A downward conductor system is laid in order for the lightning rod that catches the lightning to transmit the energy. A grounding system is installed to ensure that the energy sent by the conductor is mixed with the ground, and a surge suppression system is installed to prevent the energy absorbed by the soil from being dissipated.

The working principle of the lightning protection system is simple; The ticking of the energy and temperature-laden lightning by the metal system and the power drawn the most harmless target, to be given to the ground. We can see it as a version of the grounding system used in houses that can withstand much larger energies.

Why do we use lightning rods?

The use of lightning rods in all countries of the world has been made mandatory within the framework of certain laws and regulations in accordance with these laws. However, the only reason for the use of lightning rods is not legal obligation, is saving lives.Even if the laws allow it, nobody wants a lightning strike on their building.

Lightning has an average temperature of 20 thousand degrees Celsius. The combustibility of this temperature level is undeniable. As if it were not enough, it is also electrically charged.Electric load can pass directly to the electricity network we use and disrupt the current control, disrupting the entire city grid. The light and thunder that come with lightning is the biggest indicator of what power he has.

After seeing the power of lightning, humanity inevitably wanted to take precautions against this terrible natural phenomenon and therefore used lightning rods. Lightning rod is not only used in cities. Since the biggest natural cause of forest fires is lightning, different lightning protection systems are also used in forest areas.

How was the lightning rod discovered?

one of the founding names of the United Statesdollar series Benjamin Franklin, is also the inventor of the lightning rod system used all over the world today. The story of Franklin’s discovery of the lightning rod shows us how important this invention is to humanity and that it has revealed its inventive life.

On a stormy day in Philadelphia on June 15, 1752, Benjamin Franklin flew a metal-framed kite. He tied a metal key to the end of the kite string. As time passed, he saw that the key was electrified and sparks around. This meant that the metal key was electrostatically charged and lightning strikes were an electrostatic discharge.

Benjamin Franklin said that the lightning, which he called electric fire, was looking for a way as soon as they came out of the clouds and they were looking for a way. thought that if there was a metal pipe in the middle, they would use this road directly. After this work, he invented the lightning rod, which is still called Franklin type today, in 1753.

Lightning rod types:

  • Franklin lightning rods
  • Faraday cages
  • Early Broadcaster Emission Lightning Rods
  • Aerial Cables

These are the 4 basic lightning protection systems used worldwide throughout history. However the most widely used todayEarly Streamer Emission is a type of Early Streamer Emission. The reasons for the widespread use of this system are that it is easy to install, it provides protection in a radius of approximately 80 meters and its cost is much lower.

However, these 4 basic lightning protection systems continue to be used at different points. Reviews by expertsa target, that is, the area to be protected, is determined and different species are preferred according to the radius of this area. The frequency and power of lightning strikes are also among the important criteria to be considered during the selection.

How does lightning occur?

The natural event we call lightning strike, is an electrical discharge from an energized cloud. When one of the electric charges between the ground and the cloud is negative and the other is positive, we encounter a lightning strike. This discharge event is so violent that even non-conductive air is forced to cleave to allow this flow.

Not every cloud has such a load or lightning potential. lightning cumulonimbus is a special case of a cloud type referred to as Cb for short. As you can imagine, we encounter these cloud types, which we will not encounter in our daily lives, on rainy and stormy days.

Occurs when lightning strikes energy is about one thousand joules, with temperature 20 thousand degrees Celsius. Due to the energy released by this event, a lightning strike is accompanied by thunder and a violent light. The probability of a person being struck by lightning is calculated as one in 600 thousand. This is very unlikely.

part of the lightning protection system. what is lightning rod, how does it work, how was it discovered we answered the questions and explained the details you need to know about the subject. The risk of lightning strikes should never be underestimated and all buildings at risk should be protected with mudollarsa lightning rods.

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