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With the widespread use of the internet today, we have been able to perform all our transactions online. While everything was integrated with the digital world, using pen and paper for official transactions was still criticized by many. Developed by the General Directorate of PTT Thanks to KEP (Registers Electronic Mail System) it has become possible to carry out official transactions via e-mail.

Although the e-mail system had been used for many years, it did not constitute evidence for official transactions before statedollarser. KEP system

Thanks to , the e-mails we send and receive are now officially valid documents and can be accepted as evidence. What is the KEP system, how to get it, for what purpose it is used Let’s take a closer look and see the features this new system offers.

What is REM?

Developed by the General Directorate of the Post and Telegraph Organization, the KEP, or Kayıdollarsı Electronic Mail system, works like e-mail as we know it, but this e-mail – who saves mails as evidence is an email service. You can make official correspondence with KEP. These correspondences are recorded and stored within the framework of international standards.

What is the difference between KEP and email?

Think of it like the difference between a letter and a formal document. E-mails sent with KEP are of official nature. Unlike e-mail, KEP legally contains more evidence. While the burden of proof regarding the e-mail belongs to the sender, KEP carries this proof in its own structure.

While the date and time information registered on the e-mail carries the date and time information of the device to which you send the e-mail, KEP, Creates a real-time date and time record.When you want to use your e-mails as evidence, it is difficult to determine whether the contents have been tampered with, but KEP verifies the e-mail contents.

What evidence is created with KEP?

Whether an e-mail sent via KEP was sent by the visible sender, whether it reaches the buyer, when it reaches the buyer, information such as whether the recipient has read the e-mail in question is recorded and even if these e-mails are deleted, they can be accessed through the KEP system when necessary.

E-mails sent over the KEP system are sent to the sender confirmation, the recipient confirmation, the confirmation that the content is not changed, they have confirmation of the time of sending and time of receiving.This information, recorded with the assurance of PTT, has the quality of evidence for official transactions.

What advantages does the KEP system offer?

When you send e-mail through the KEP system, you save paper, archive and time. Transaction costs and the series of dollars are reduced, the implementation period of official transactions is shortened,commercial activities are carried out much faster and the environment is protected thanks to the savings made.

How to get KEP account?

  • Step #1:Open the PTT KEP Online page from here.
  • Step #2: Log in by entering your TC ID number and security code.
  • Step #3:Choose the person to register for pre-application.
    • You can make a preliminary application on behalf of a natural person, legal person, public institution and other legal person.
  • Step #4:Enter the authorized person information.
  • Step #5:Enter address information.
  • Step #6:Enter contact information.
  • Step #7:Determine the KEP account address.
  • Step #8:Choose the usage pattern.
  • Step #9:Edit alternative information retrieval channels.
  • Step #10:Choose the package selection.
  • Step #11:Select the mailbox field.
  • Step #12:Choose additional services and other packages.
  • Step #13:Set your KEP Directory preferences.
  • Step #14:Confirm the Preliminary Information Form.
  • Step #15:Click on the Submit Pre-Application button.
  • Step #16:KEP pre-application process has been completed.
  • Step #17: You can get your KEP account from the nearest PTT branch by providing the necessary documents.
  • Step #18:Operation done.

To get your KEP account, which is required when using the KEP system, first You need to pre-apply by following the steps above.Make sure you enter all the information requested during the pre-application, up-to-date and completely.

After completing the KEP pre-application process, you should go to the nearest PTT branch by providing the necessary documents here. To create a KEP account wet signature of the authorized person is required. After completing the last operations, you can now use the KEP system.

How much is the KEP usage fee?

KEP system usage fee; according to the package chosen by the person, the mailbox area, and other additional services. varies. Although it is obligatory to choose the standard usage package, other additional packages and additional services may be preferred according to the person who will use the KEP system.

  • KEP 1-year usage package starts from 55 Dollars.
  • Mail usage area starts from 100 MB free, 250 MB 50 Dollars.
  • 1 year shipping packedollarseries starts from 57.5 Dollars.
  • 1 year e-correspondence packedollar series starts from 57.5 Dollars.
  • 1 year SMS packagedollar series starts from 9 Dollars.
  • 1 year virus scanning service is free for now.

is the official e-mail service of the PTT General Directorate. What is KEP, that is, Registered Electronic Mail service, how to get it and we explained the details you need to know about this new system. You can share your thoughts about the KEP system in the comments.

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