What is hypnosis, we are sure many people know. In serials, movies, and television shows, mystically dressed people hypnotize the person in front of them with the help of a rocking clock and usually make them cackle like a chicken. But hypnosis is not only a means of entertainment, it is also a method of therapy. Method of treatment with hypnosis called hypnotherapy and applied by physicians trained in this subject.

Scientists have realized that many diseases are actually caused by psychological problems and that no matter how much medicine is given, unless the person’s mental structure is suitable for the fight against the disease, there is no improvement, and they can treat the person with different suggestions by hypnotizing the person and putting them in a different state of consciousness. hypnotherapy

They discovered the method . What is hypnotherapy, for which diseases it is applied let’s examine a little more in detail.

What is hypnotherapy?

In its simplest definition hypnotherapy, is a treatment method with hypnosis. Certified training in hypnotherapy patient is hypnotized by a physician and some suggestions are given to the person concerned with the disease in question. Thus, the necessary basis for the patient’s mental structure to fight the disease in question is provided.

Hypnotherapy should never be practiced by people who have not received training on the subject. Whereas, the person receiving the education must also be a medical doctor, that is, a physician. Because even if hypnosis is not a state of sleep or an expression of the subconscious, the hypnotized person becomes open to suggestions because they are truly relieved, and a false suggestion can have irreversible consequences.

How and by whom is hypnotherapy applied?

An unofficial report prepared by the American Psychiatric Association’s Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Scientific Study Unit. ethical rules list exists. According to these rules, the person who will perform hypnotherapy must be a physician, dentist or clinical psychologist. These people must have received Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Certificate Training in Hypnotherapy Training and Research Centers.

The answer to the question of how hypnotherapy is done is an application method that is extremely complex, requires training and should be left to experts. However to summarize in general; The patient is hypnotized by the physician and brought into a different consciousness, and the mental structure is prepared to fight the disease with appropriate suggestions, whatever his illness is.

Which diseases is hypnotherapy used in the treatment?

Although not a disease for the relief of women who have difficulties during childbirth A hypnotherapy method called HypnoBirthing is used. A similar method is also used in the treatment of stress-induced sleep disorders, heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes.

One of the most common psychological disorders also in the treatment of depression and anxietyhypnotherapy is a widely used treatment method. Even though many people are not aware of it, the biggest cause of obesity is psychological problems. For this reason, hypnotherapy method is used in individuals struggling with obesity. According to a study conducted in 1986, hypnotherapy is 30 times more effective than dieting.

The most common use of hypnotherapy is addictions. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, food, technology and more you can think of the root cause of all dependencies hypnotherapy method is used to solve what it is and suggestions are given to the addicted person to solve this reason.

What are the types of hypnotherapy?

In the Eriksonian method, named after the psychiatrist Milton Erickson, the sick person is treated through stories and metaphors. Although completely different from traditional hypnotherapy method studies show that it is much more effective. The most important reason for this is thought to be the low resistance rate of the patient.

In the solution-focused hypnotherapy method developed by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg, the patient’s problems are not addressed. focus on solution and tick is aimed to create a future. It is a hypnotherapy method that gives results in a much shorter time than other methods.

In the cognitive and behavioral hypnotherapy method, it is aimed to combine the real consciousness of the patient with the subconscious. In curative hypnotherapy method, it is questioned why the patient produces negative thoughts and this cause is aimed to be found and eliminated.

Is hypnotherapy a useful treatment method?

Of course, a cancer patient was hypnotized. There is no such thing as clearing cancerous cells in the body. However, in almost all diseases, hypnotherapy can be applied for the morale of the patient, and even if the problem does not disappear, the response process of the patient to the treatment can be improved.

The expectations of the patient undergoing hypnotherapy should be clear, honest, patient, not intimidated, forced and comfortable. After all we are talking about a treatment method based only on verbal suggestions. No matter how competent the hypnotherapist is, it is not possible to get a successful result if the patient does not believe in this treatment method.

For example, eating due to a childhood trauma, experiencing substance abuse, or if you are struggling with a great deal of stresshypnotherapy can help you find out what this trauma is. It is important at this point that the hypnotist is a physician. Because if you do not fight this trauma with the help of a physician, the results can be much more frightening.

Who can be treated with hypnotherapy?

In fact, it is possible for anyone who is found to be suitable for this treatment by physicians to be treated with hypnotherapy. Because wherever you look, is the basis of many common diseases today. there are actually psychological disorders. Studies show that psychological disorders increase heart diseases and even cancer.

When a patient hypnotized by a physician trained in hypnotherapy is guided by the right suggestions knowing what causes said diseases can fight them much more powerfully. There is no reason why depression, anxiety, stress-related illnesses, obesity and other substance addictions should not be treated with hypnotherapy.

Used in the treatment of many different diseases what is hypnotherapy, who can apply this method and in which situations it is applied if we answered the curious questions. For more detailed information about hypnosis, you can review our article here. You can share your thoughts about hypnosis and hypnotherapy in the comments.

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