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In fact, we come across the term Freedos, which has been used for a long time but has recently become popular among computer manufacturers. What is FreeDOS, especially in computers that come before price performance? and how to install Windows on Freedos computer? We take a closer look at it step by step.

The term Freedos comes across quite a lot while browsing the models, especially when we want to buy a new computer. FreeDOS, which has become popular recently, may seem like a free Windows version that was not activated at first, but in fact, the situation is quite different.

FreeDOS, which computer manufacturers use to offer high performance at a better price, actually means that an operating system is not installed on the computer. FreeDOSbought a computer and What are FreeDOS? And if you are wondering how to install Windows on Freedos computer, you can perform a smooth Windows installation by following the steps we gave.

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What are Freedos?

FreeDOS, which has been frequently encountered in price-performance-oriented systems recently, actually states that the computer we buy does not contain any operating system such as Windows, Linux or the like.

The first time you turn on a Freedos computer, you will see the BIOS screen or a black screen directly listing the hardware features. To be able to operate on Freedos computers, you must first install an operating system. How to create and install the Windows USB with Microsoft’s own media tool, we will be transferring this content to you.

NOTE: In order to install Windows 10 on a Freedos computer, you need to prepare a Windows 10 installation disc from another computer. We have explained the procedures in detail below.

How to install Windows on Freedos computer?

Step # 1: Go to Microsoft’s Windows download site from here.
Step # 2: Click the “Download tool now” button and start the download.
Step # 3: Double click the downloaded Media Creation Tool and run it.
Step # 4: Accept the terms and continue to the media creation menu.
Step # 5: Plug your 8GB or more USB stick into your computer.
Step # 6: Right-click on your USB drive in this computer menu and click the Format option.
Step # 7: Select the installation media for another computer and hit Next.
Step # 8: Make selections based on the processor architecture you have and continue.
Step # 9: Select the media to use as the USB flash drive and continue.
Step # 10: Select your USB stick, hit Next and you’re done.
Step # 11: Start your Freedos computer and log into the BIOS screen.
Step # 12: Under the Boot menu, enable the Fast Boot option.
Step # 13: We save the changes we made and exit the BIOS screen.
Step # 14: Plug your USB stick into your Freedos computer and turn the system back on.
Step # 15: While the computer is starting, repeatedly press the Boot menu key according to your model.
Step # 16: Select your USB stick in the Boot menu that opens and Windows setup will begin.

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