Bitcoin is what you are searching for on the internet intensively. Bitcoin, which has been frequently spoken in recent days, is the world’s largest virtual currency.

1 bitcoin sold at the price of 1000 dollars at the beginning of last year today is sold at a price over 16 thousand dollars. Of course, this bitcoin has fallen in recent days … Or is it necessary to remind bitcoin that it stood at 20 thousand dollars a week ago? What is the bitcoin? How is Bitcoin mining done? Is Bitcoin really a good investment vehicle? How much is Bitcoin? Can Bitcoin be an alternative investment tool in gold or beaded? Here’s what you need to know about bitcoin …

They’re looking for him when he’s finished. There is great interest all over the world and investment is on the rise. When it’s over, it’s worth a bitcoin, but the number of people who believe that it will go uphill is not that bad. It is only one of the factors that has increased the popularity of bitcoin, even though it is argued that it will enter and enter the stock market in our country and that some companies are accepting payment with bitcoin to make their own ads even more. What is the bitcoin? Where is the bitcoin heading? How is Bitcoin mining done? Does Bitcoin really earn you an investor? The thing you are wondering about Bitcoin is in the article …

What is Bitcoin? How to make money with Bitcoin? Bitcoin how many dollars? Can Bitcoin only use the internet? How to get bitcoin? How is bitcoin spent? Is it reasonable to invest in Bitcoin? What do the experts say for Bitcoin? Bitcoin’s value will be in the next 6 months? Will it rise or will it rise? Bitcoin Let’s start with the question: Bitcoin was translated by Satoshi Nakamoto in 008, one of which is the central bank, the official organization, etc. a kind of digital currency that can be traded with currencies of countries but not transferred to a third party service without the need for an intermediary institution. At global markets, Bitcoin’s symbol is ฿ as an alternative to the Dollar and Euro, and the abbreviation is BTC.

bitcoin How to win?- How to produce bitcoin?

Mining is used for the bitch production stage.

Bitcoin explained how mining was done; why deserves a long post that belongs to very important values. Because Bitcoin is such an important technology and a big breakthrough, one of the key points of the concept is the concept known as Evidence of Business. In this article roughly, I will protect the mental health of our readers who do not want to think too much about the technical part of the work, at least for now.

How Bitcoin is done

Luck is not due to difficulty and difficulty. That’s why the Bitcoin protocol was designed by Satoshi Nakamoto as a security measure. This is a security measure (that is, it is difficult to find) that everyone can do the “bitcoin push” action on their heads (and/or manipulate the Blockchain …). In fact, what is called mining is like looking for a needle with a number of digits in a stack of chunks of numbers, like a chance game or a game you play with your computer.

Here, its raw equipment is directly proportional to your processor power. In this case, the more processor power you put into this job, the more likely you will find a needle in the haystack. Another analogy used for mining is to draw lots of your computer. Though technically more correct, I did not choose to be a “lucky winner” system. The fact that the words of those who invest in multi-processing forces will constantly win “withdrawal”. To gain. in the current situation, the miner who finds this pin (ie “winner of the draw”) is winning 25 BTC awards. This figure will once again be reduced to 50 BTC in the first Bitcoin time and the prize will be reduced to 12.5TBTC.

How Bitcoin is done

If you have come here till now, at least you have some idea of bitcoin mining. But to summarize; mining is difficult and requires a lot of CPU power, the difficulty is getting bigger and the amount of reward is getting smaller.


Inflation risk is low: One of the inflationary effects is the increase in the real money supply in circulation. The increase in money supply increases the inflation rate in a direct proportion. However, this system does not apply to Bitcoin. Because the Bitcoin system is the end result. A maximum of 21 million bitcoins can be produced by technical design. So Bitcoin’s inflation risk is very low.

How Bitcoin is done

The risk of collapse is low: The collapse of real currencies stems from living hyper-inflation linked to governments. Since the Bitcoin system is also not connected to any government, the risk of collapse is quite low.

Safe, simple and inexpensive: If the seller is looking for classic online transactions where payment systems such as credit card or PayPal are used; If the buyer wants to reclaim money, it is necessary to use third-party services. At this stage, security can become dangerous and the situation can become complicated. Bitcoin does not have such a security problem because it does not have a back-demand system. Even if it is checked by the buyer; making payments and transferring accounts between accounts become safer and cheaper. Because Bitcoin technology is peer to peer (P2P) system; that is to say, without any intermediary, works directly between pairs.

Easy to carry: You can even carry billions of dollars worth of bitcoins on a small memory card. I think it is impossible to do this with cash or another system.

Traceability is not possible: Bitcoins cannot be followed, and there are certain disadvantages as well as advantages of not leaving any traces. For example, how much of your financial resources are in your Bitcoin system, or other information about your account, cannot be known and tracked by anyone, including governments. Therefore, you will be prevented by the government to ignore your financial resources (tax).


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