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You are browsing a shopping site and, let’s say, looking at you on a smartphone, tablet, computer or television. The computer is 15 inches, the TV is 50 inches. Okay, what do these mean? Since the starting point of technology is the United States series in general, the screen size drops yellow, which is the unit of length used in this country. shown in inches. Additional information is calculated on the screen size drops yellow diagonal length.

Well; what is this inch, how is it calculated? To answer the question of what is inch in our daily life we don’t need it because we use metric system like most normal countries. However, this system is used in the UK countries and the former British colonial countries. Inch history, has many extraordinary details that we would be surprised to hear today. Let’s take a closer look at this unusual measuring system and its story.

What is an inch?

Inches used in the countries of the United Kingdom and the former British colonial countries such as the United States of America is a unit of measure of length. The word inch, denoting 1/12 ratio of everything in Latin untia

It comes from the word . This different length and weight measurement system, including the inch unit, is also known by names such as English units and imperial units.

In the length and weight measurement system called English units or imperial units, different length and weight measurement units such as inches, feet or feet, yards, gallons, pounds are used. Since the center of technology is countries that use these measurement units such as the USA display size bars has become a kind of habit.

The origin story of the inch unit:

We first encounter the inch-length unit in a book written in the 7th century, but that period

Exactly what length expresses is unknown. Even if there is no source, maybe that period was actually calculated as the toe length of the queen, but let’s repeat, this definition could be just a rumor.

We first find out the length expressed by the inch unit in 1150. During this period, King David I was 1 inch long. the length of a man’s thumb holding nails. Thumb lengths of three men with small, middle and big thumbs were measured side by side and the obtained value was divided into three in order to make the length expressed by the unit a little more specific in the following years.

At the beginning of the 14th century, King Edward II got involved and changed the measuring system somewhat. Accordingly 1 inch, longitudinally inserted end to end was 3 round barley grains long. In some dates and regions 1 inch longitudinally spliced ​​12 poppy seed lengths were also calculated.

How many cm in 1 inch?

The unit of inch length, which has been tried to be calculated for centuries over different lengths such as pear stalk, grape garbage, vizier finger, took its final form in 1959. The USA and United Kingdom countries officially defined the 1 inch length as 25.4 millimeters, or 2.54 centimeters, in 1959.

The international unit of inches is written in English as inches, in short. In abbreviations, single quotes are used for the unit of feet and double quotes are used for the inch unit. 10 ‘means 10 feet, 10’ means 10 inches.

Since is 1 inch 2.54 cm, 10 inches are 25.4 cm long. You can multiply all the measurements in this way to calculate your kiz, or you can use the calculation tool here.

Other units of measure used with inches:

The measurement system used in the United Kingdom and the former British colony United States of America is not only in inches. In addition to inches, units of feet, yards, gallons, and pounds are also used. The story of these measurement units used is also interesting details at least as much as the history of inches.

Fit or English feet means foot as you know it. So the unit of feet is represents foot length. About 15% of human height. 3 is the foot length. For many years, this unit of measurement has been used in Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome.

Yard unit, King Henry I’s length between nose and thumb or waist circumference. Gallon comes from the French word jalon which means bowl.

The story of the Libre or pound unit is even more interesting. This unit is used to measure the weight of agricultural products in the United States of America, while in England for measuring the weight of mines was used. So much so that the pound, which is still the British currency today, refers to the value of silver weighing 1 pound.

Why are different measurement units used in the world?

It would not be wrong to say that the use of measurement units, just like the use of language, is an indicator of strength. How so before it was installed A different language like Ottoman

If we use different measurement units such as and scale, check, batman, okka, dirham, different measurement units in the world are also spread and used in the control of the main power.

In the strong times of the Kingdom of England, we can say that the units of measure needed for length and weight were arranged according to the king’s mood. In British colonial countries other than the main kingdom, under the power of the king, they had to accept both the English language and other manual and scientific values ​​such as the unit of measure.

That we also use today metric system was found in France in 1795. It would not be wrong to think that this system, in which the units of meters for length and kilograms for weight were used, was in place to avoid being under the influence of the mighty Kingdom of England. Surprisingly, the US actually adopted the metric system in 1866, but officially the imperial system is used.

We see in the screen size values ​​or the length of the length of the clothes of foreign origin

What is inch, what is it calculated?

We answered the question and inch history

We told the story of full of interesting details. We hope that we will use the metric system together in the near future.

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