Our news source, our home of humor, our sensation universe… Yes, all these sifadollarsars bring to mind only one platform: Twitter. There are, of course, some factors that create and maintain the tenacity of this multi-purpose social media, whose power of influence is increasing day by day in our country and in the world. The first of these is undoubtedly the retweet feature. retweedollarse of people we follow, so shared directly without adding any comments and dropped it to our stream. tweedollarser; It’s a significant part of our Twitter routine. So, what are the “tops” that have been irrevocably retweeted on Twitter? Let’s find the answer to this question together!

Twitter’s 20 most retweeted tweets

#20 – 929. 7K Retweets

At number 20, he touched on a very important issue for Indian politics in 2014. Denny Januar Ali

There is a tweet posted by a policy advisor named . Tweet so that he can become the president of the country Joko Widodo is making a support call. Did the tweet have an effect, and if so, how much? Unknown. All that is known is that Joko Widodo won the elections at that time!

#19 – 953. 2K Retweets

We meet at number 19. One Direction is out! With this tweet celebrating the band’s 10th anniversary, One Direction said, ” Directioners” the crazy fan kidollarsu so mudollarsu with this move!

#18 – 962. 7K Retweets

At number 18, we see the most tadollarsi of claims that have been “fashion” on Twitter for a long time! Ryan Sesselman

User tweeted 1 million retweets if it gets you can adopt a dog Announcing to the Twitter world and… Here is the result!

#17 – 963. 3K Retweet

Another version of the assertion that we have just mentioned about being fashionable appears at number 17. Cleveland Browns who plays American football Damarious Randall, with this tweet shortly before the 2018 NBA finals, In case the Cleveland Cavaliers win says he will give a jersey to anyone who retweedollars his tweet. Losing all four games is a pity for the Cavaliers; But judging by the number of retweets, it’s a welcome development for Randall and his wallet!

#16 – 975. 5K Retweets

at number 16 K-pop megastar BTS exists! Group, George Flyod

” which made a sound all over the world after the cadollar Black Lives Matter” not just tweeting about his movement, 1 million dollars also made a donation. After the donation made, they ARMYBTS fans, in order to collect and donate the same amount of money among themselves. #MatchAMillion

He started the hashtag and it was successful.

#15 — 979. 2K Retweets

Number 15 unfortunately belongs to a very sad tweet. May 22, 2017

Famous singer on Ariana Grande Manchester, a terrorist attack had taken place at the exit of the concert he gave, and the bomb was paddled. 23 people lost their lives and even more injured this sad event, the deadliest terrorist attack in the history of the country in the last 12 years was registered as Sara. Grande tweeted this, shocked by the terrible event that happened right after her own concert.

#14 989. 2K Retweets


in Houston

The flood disaster in left a great destruction behind. In these most difficult times of Texas, the whole world has come together and put a lot of effort to donate money. Pennsylvania State University Interfraternity Council

thrown by and tweet announcing that money will be donated per retweet

It is at number 14 as a good example of the effort made in . Thanks to this tweet, the disaster area 10. 000 dollars It is also worth noting that a donation has been made.

#13 – 1M Retweet

Famous Youtuber MrBeast is placed at number 13 with a proposal that has been made and continues to be made many times on Twitter. MrBeast, who retweedollars this tweet and follows him $10,000 to one lucky user. ”

#12 – 1M Retweet

again at number 12 BTS

We encounter . 2020

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this very simple tweet from the year reveals how great the love and devotion of the group’s fanbase is.

#11 – 1. 1M Retweet


Those who remember the frenzy of dancing in the year , get out of the moving vehicle, raise your hand! For those who don’t remember, there is another one at number 11. BTS

Let us remind you with the tweet . This viral video, which started with Shiggy dancing to Drake’s song “In My Feelings”, later associated with the car

One of them belongs to BTS and tweedollarsenir is among the tweedollarsenmez en.

#10 – 1. 2M Retweets


Still BTS, a tweet that has managed to be among the dance and the best again! Billie Eilish‘s lists raged for a long time ” Bad Guy”

A member of the group dancing to the song Jungook

It is obvious that fascinates his fans with his figures!

#9 – 1. 4M Retweet

Again, Elrubius, another lottery… In this lottery, repeated for the second time, neither the terms of participation nor the gifts to be given have changed. We did not miss the fact that the number of participants was lower (!) compared to the first… Note: You will see the details of the first draw soon!

#8 – 1.5M Retweet

Fascistdollars and neo-Nazis unfold in Charlottesville who does not remain unresponsive to the subject former US President Barack Obama, Mandela‘s ” The Long Road to Freedom” ( Long Walk to Freedom) manages to take its place on our list with a quote from his book.

#7 – 1.5M Retweet

at number 7 BTSfor fans deep meanings

There is a tweet with . from group members V , in which he explains that the purple heart means loving a person for a long time and trusting him for a long time. we can say that this tweet completely changed the way BTS fans view the purple heart emoji!

6 – 1.7M Retweet

number 6, whose name we have just mentioned, Youtube Elrubius exists. We see that this tweet, which promises gifts such as a game console, television, and telescope, received more retweets compared to the second version, despite the same promises. This is exactly why the first draw is ranked after the second draw. Don’t get confused please!

#5 – 2.8M Retweets

Louis Tomlinson

from Harry Styles with love… This short but effective tweet, in which Tomlinson expressed his love for Styles, enthralled One Direction fans.

#4 – 3M Retweet

What marked the Oscar night more than the Oscars in 2014?”, we will undoubtedly get the answer Ellen DeGeneres taken and that legendary selfie that looks like the star parade of the red carpet happens. Well, none other than a tweet with lots of retweets would suit such a legendary selfie!

#3 – 3.2M Retweet

Carter Wilkerson Wendy’s In response to the question of how many retweets the brand needs to be able to eat nuggedollars for free for a year, 18 millionn request retweet, ” We said let’s make a joke, where did the subject come from…” and moved Wilkerson’s tweet to this list!

Carter, who started out with the dream of eating free nuggets all year, was also supported by the Twitter community. #NuggetsForCarter

The global trend of the hashtag has been a great help for Carter on his way to the target.

Unfortunately, despite all efforts, Carter failed to reach 18 million retweets.; However, Wendy’s thanked him and everyone who supported him. Good luck with your effort!Gives Wilkerson free annual nuggets!

#2 – 3. 4M Retweets

Its existence is a problem, its absence is a wound… Money, money, money! Successful businessperson Yusaku Maezawa‘s retweet 1 billion yen per 1000 people was bombarded with retweets and moved to this list.

#1 – 4. 1M Retweet

And number 1! The most retweedollarsen tweet in Twitter history

We’ve finally reached your ! In this tweet, we talked about number 2 before. Yusaku Maezawa and also includes a money draw. Zozo in the 2018-2019 Christmas – New Year period 10 billion yen retweedollarseen his tweet to celebrate its grossing 100 million yen for 100 lucky people

Announcing that he will give a gift, Maezawa has thus broken the retweet record.

Reminder: The list has been created with tweets that are still active today and can be accessed via Twitter if desired.

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