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Your friend moved to a new house and you went to visit him. Have you ever had the feeling of being an adolescence, even for a moment, while watching the city view from the house on a high floor of a tall building? This can happen when you’re at the top of a cliff, a high waterfall, or a skyscraper. Don’t worry, you have no suicidal tendencies. just a basic human drive you feel the urge to call into the void.

The urge to call the void is defined as the urge to get into danger on purpose, especially in dangerous moments where instant decisions need to be made, especially from a high place. Even though it is associated with the idea of ​​suicide, this situation, which is actually a simple confusion of perception in the human mind, is quite common. What is a call to the void, why do we feel such a thing let’s take a closer look.

What is the urge to call the void?

It was first mentioned in a study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders. “l’appel du vide”in American the urge to call into the void; expresses a confusion of perception in its broadest definition. In other words, people are prone to misunderstanding even their own perception for a short time.

Humanity has been a fundamental ‘Fight or flight’ survives thanks to his drive. in a high place or first perception when in danger ‘Run!’ happens. However, the human mind misunderstands this perception, even for a few seconds. ‘Adollars!’ This is what is called the urge to call into the void.

What are examples of calls to void?

  • A request to be named from a high place.
  • A request to stamp on an oncoming car.
  • The desire to touch a burning fire.
  • Plug request.
  • The desire to break the steering wheel against the wall suddenly.
  • The request to jump into the water from the boat or the bridge.
  • The urge to cut while holding a sharp object.

Even though all these examples of calls to the void seem extremely frightening and suicidal, they are actually is not directly related to suicidal ideation. They arise only as a result of the mind’s misunderstanding of the urge to escape, even for a few seconds, and thinking about what will happen.

Why do we feel these things?

Although the urge to call into the void is a strictly defined condition, Scientists have not fully figured out the reason for this urge. The possibility that the flight impulse or the urge to fight is misunderstood, even for a few seconds or for a moment, is among the most emphasized reasons.

  • ‘Run! I can’t escape! If they are adolescents then!’
  • ‘War! On top of that, whatever happens!’

These two thoughts may be creating the urge to call into the void. Why would a sane person think such things? However, the danger situations we are talking about, are situations that need to be decided instantly.Therefore, the human mind, especially the human mind that lives away from danger today, ‘Fight or flight!’.

Is depression or suicidal ideation creating the urge to call into the void?

The urge to call into the void, defined as deliberate endangerment may be caused by depression or suicidal ideation are the first reasons that come to mind. Scientists who were curious about this issue conducted an experiment to observe whether there was a relationship between these conditions.

Before the experiment conducted on 431 students in 2012, it was determined whether these people experienced depression or not. It was learned whether they had suicidal ideation or not.Then, these people were asked how they felt by being placed on high points that would make them want to be labeled.

not depressed and 17% of people who do not have suicidal thoughts, who are depressed and 56% of people with suicidal ideation they said that they felt the urge to call into the void, that is, they wanted to be adolescent from that high place. Although depression and suicidal ideation are not the only reasons for the urge to call the void, it can be said that they are effective in triggering.

How to fight the urge to call the void?

First you feel depressed or if you often struggle with suicidal thoughts you should apply to the nearest health institution and get help from experts. Even if such thoughts seem simple, they can have much worse results in a short time if not diagnosed and treated early.

If you do not have any suicidal thoughts or feel depressed, when you feel the urge to call into the void stop and take a deep breath.After you spend those few seconds or a moment when perception is misunderstood, rest assured that you will feel much safer and not have any worries about this impulse.

Defined as the urge to jump into danger from a high place what is the call to the void, why do we feel this way and how do we fight if we answered the curious questions. Such felt but inexplicable urges remind us once again that the human mind is still full of mysteries waiting to be discovered.

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