As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a whole new dimension to the business world. Tens of thousands of companies around the world such as Microsoft, Google, by switching to remote working system has made an innovation and now şirkedollarser believes that even if there is no need, employees can show the same performance by working from home.

With the change in the way of working, researches have started to be made to shorten the working saadollar series around the world. The series of working hours reduced from 40 hours to 36 hours per week, studies involving only 4 days of work instead of 5 days a week, how both employees and bosses are affected by this change revealed.

Long working hours reduce serial productivity

If you remember, one of the largest studies on short-time work saadollar series was done in Iceland. This research, which was conducted between 2015-2019, short-run saadollars increase the productivity of the series and thus both the employee and the employer are more mudollar. had revealed.

A 2014 Stanford University study revealed that working more than 35 hours a week reduces productivity, while those who work 50 hours a week suffer a significant decrease in productivity. According to experts, people Maximum 6 hours a week in order not to lose anything of their productivity and focus only on work. should work.

Professor of organizational behavior at the University of Toronto. John Trougakos, stating that people should work a maximum of 6 hours a day uses the following expressions; “You can’t keep your energy steady for eight hours straight. You try to stretch people’s attention for a long period of time, but it’s very difficult for them. So their productivity will also decrease.”

When the working hours are less, the working order also changes.

In the aforementioned Iceland study on the reduction of working saadollars, it is revealed that accountants can cut more despite shorter working saadollars, and the police can deal with the investigation at the same rate in a shorter time. Of course for them it means short work saadollarseries, also need to make major changes in the working order. is showing.

Some companies in Iceland have decided to cancel unnecessarily lengthy meetings and coffee breaks, along with short-time work saadollarser. The company, which does not add any meeting to the calendar after 15.00, that it can meet the needs of its employees such as coffee breaks when they go home. stated.

Thanks to the series of short working hours, employees can spare more time for their private lives.

As you can imagine, because of the long series of work hours, millions of people, for going home tired neither ticks nor their relatives can spare time. It is possible to change this situation, which negatively affects social life, by switching to short-time working hours.

A study conducted in Sweden in 2021 showed that the potential for employees to be stressed and to have negative emotions is reduced thanks to a series of short-time work saadollars. Again, the research conducted in Iceland revealed that people were able to work thanks to their short-term work saadollars. that he can devote more time to his hobbies, family and other work revealed that this way he came to work more mudollarly and productively.

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