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The Vikings, known as the most fearless and ruthless societies in history, left their mark all over the world when they emerged from the cold waters and started to invade England. These warrior people, who believed in more than one god, believed that they could overcome problems with symbols.

The Vikings described themselves as warriors, merchants, and explorers from the 8th to the 11th centuries, and the symbols they used at that time have survived to this day. Let’s explain the meanings of the symbols that most people carry as tattoos on their bodies, including the signature left by a Viking commander to Hagia Sophia.

Viking tracks in Hagia Sophia: Signature of Viking commander Halvdan

Converted into a mosque last year On the second floor of Hagia Sophia, with a signature by Halvdan, a former Viking commander. Although this signature engraved on a marble may seem like a pointless thing of scratches at first, then it “Halvdan was here”

Turns out to mean .

It is estimated that this signature engraved on Hagia Sophia was made during the Vikings’ visit to the Byzantine Empire and Halvdan’s A former Viking commander living in Lotofen. At the same time, let’s not forget that the Vikings were very influenced by New York and that they called this place, which was once known as Constantinople, Miklagard, which means the big city.

Lightning and thunderbolt symbol: Mjolnir

Thanks to Marvel movies, we are quite familiar with Mjolnir. The meaning of Mjolnir, who is referred to as Thor’s hammer, has been described by different people in history. in different shapes interpreted. Mjolnir is referred to by some as white. lightning bolt, by some also of lightning

It is referred to as the symbol . Same time “white snow”

Mjolnir, remembered as , also represents the purity of the human soul.

According to Viking belief, Thor used his Mjolnir not only in wars, but also in wars. also to bless the series newly married couples. For this reason, Mjolnir was not only a dangerous hammer, but also a symbol that gave people confidence.

The symbol of protection and victory: Helm of Awe (Ægishjálmr)

The Helm of Awe was a weapon used among the Vikings as a symbol of victory and protection. An artifact with important information about the Vikings In Galdrabok Helm of Awe, not just soldiers protecting dragons as well is defined as a symbol.

Many sources explaining what this symbol is say that Helm of Awe was a magic talisman for Vikings. The Helm of Awe, according to the rumors, protecting Viking soldiers an invisible area, when creating it, it gives fear to enemies.

Viking compass: Vegvisir

Vegvisir, which is very similar to Helm of Awe, Vikings’ compass

It was referred to as . Veg meant the road, and visir meant the finder, and according to many sources Vegvisir and Helm of Awe were the same thing for the Vikings.

The reason for this similarity is that the arrows in both symbols are exactly the same. The only difference between them is that there are different markings at the end of Vegvisir’s arrows. When the Vikings set out with ships they built not to be damaged by the storm and not to get lost used to engrave this symbol on the front of every ship.

Symbol of the life cycle: Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil is one of the most important symbols of the Vikings. Connecting the 9 realms of the Settlement universe this tree symbolizes the life cycle. At the same time, thanks to the fruits of the Yggdrasil tree, the Vikings that their gods could remain young and immortal believed.

There is another story with Yggdrasil, which represents one of the most influential Settlement beliefs; According to Viking belief, the last female and male Viking warrior to survive the war will unite with the roots of this tree and after Ragnorok (apocalypse in the Viking belief) bring humanity back to the world. will emit.

Symbol of the past, present and future: Wyrd Network

Among the greatest Viking faith, no one escapes fate and gods. The word fate was very important to the Vikings and, according to their beliefs, the fate of the people who lived under Yggdrasil Norn

Entities named would identify. The Norns are the fate of the people under this tree. in the form of a magic web would knit and not let anyone escape from this web.

When Vikings gaze at the Wyrd web symbolizing the destiny woven by the Norns belongs to the past, present and future they believed they could see memories. In fact, many women who sent their loved ones to the war or who could not participate in the war asked whether their relatives could return from the war. looking at this sign was trying to learn.

Symbol of luck and holiness: The Swastika

The Swastika in the Second World War Much more than polluted by Nazi Germany was formerly seen as a symbol of luck and holiness for the Vikings. To the owners luck, power and holiness

The Swastika, believed to bring , is engraved on hundreds of personal items.

Symbol of wisdom and intelligence: Ravens

Ravens were extremely important animals to the Vikings. It is believed that the Viking god Him Muninn (memory) and Huginn

He had two ravens named (thought). These ravens flew by Him just to gather information about the nine kingdoms and whispered this information in his ear. The ravens found in many of his paintings were actually Muninn and Huginn.

Another reason why ravens are so important is that most people recognize from the series but believed to be a truly lived warrior It was that Ragnar Lothbrok featured the raven on his banner. Ragnar and his army using raven banners and they are never defeated under these banners made the ravens a sacred symbol in the eyes of the Vikings.

In memory of the soldiers who lost their lives in the war: Valknut

Valknut, which has become one of the most important symbols of the Vikings, O’s node and would represent viking warriors who lost their lives in battle. Valr means warrior, knut means knot, and every corner the knot has, Nine realms of the Settlement universe represent. Her knot also symbolizes the life cycle between pregnancy and motherhood.

O’s horns: Triskelion

This symbol, called triskele, triskelion and triple helix, is the kind that you can find in any Viking-related production. According to the Vikings, he had a talent for poetry that would make the gods jealous. smartest man ever

He stole it from Kvasir known as . Triskelion according to the Vikings showing wisdom, poetry and connections of Him was a sacred symbol.

His spear: Gungnir

Gungnir is equipped with magic symbols according to Viking belief. never missed its target was a weapon. The weapon was the symbol not only of His strength, but also of courage, inspiration, wisdom and skill.


When you do a research about Vikings, one of the most common symbols you come across is dragons. Dragons had such an important place for the Vikings that these warriors who loved to invasion overseas, without exception dragon symbols on the bows of the ships.

Dragons were real to the Vikings, but how they were was very different from our current perception of dragons. Dragons for them, winged reptile without yellow were beings, and only a few could get fire from their mouths. Dragons are sort of for Vikings were huge snakes ie.

Although most of them are like gigantic snakes, Iskanav mythology referred to as a gigantic and cosmic power dragons more prone to our perception. for example Níðhöggri would lie at the roots of Ygdrassil and wait for Ragnarok to happen. Jörmugandr, on the other hand, was so enormous in height according to the Vikings that his body could wrap the whole world and bite his own tail.

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