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While it may sound very sickening, peeing in the shower is a behavior that most people do today but constantly deny. Peeing in the shower instead of the toilet is pretty common all over the world, after all, being completely naked and peeing in a place where clean water is constantly flowing may not seem like a bad thing at first, but scientists who are experts in this field state that peeing in the shower is an extremely harmful habit beyond hygiene.

Of course, we should not ignore the hygiene part of the job. Especially after doing this if you don’t clean your legs and the bathroom, we can say that the problem is much bigger than it seems. Let’s take a look at why peeing in the shower is harmful for both hygiene and the human brain.

Our urine is not as innocent as we think

You have heard many rumors that the urine is hygienic and even does not contain any bacteria or microbes. Mistake recommending pouring urine on an open wound even people have appeared in front of you once or twice.

Perceptions that urine was clean or hygienic were due to the large number of tesdollarserines made on urine. However, with the advancement of technology and the greater scope of tesdollarserine on urine, some microbiomes in the bladder, when there is a urinary tract infection turned out to pass into the urine and therefore the urine is far from hygienic.

Peeing in the shower sends false signals to our brain

Pelvic rehabilitation doctor Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas shared her experiences on this subject with her followers on TikTok. According to Alicia, people (especially women) two important reasons for not peeing in the shower exists.

The first of these concerns not only women but also men. “conditioning the brain to pee in the shower” i

Regarding . Alicia said that peeing in the shower, where the water is constantly flowing, conditions the brain, even if you don’t have a toilet later on. the urge to pee will come as soon as you hear the sound of water. states.

Alicia uses the following expressions in the video she shared; “If you constantly pee in the shower, with the faucet turned on, or in a place where you hear the sound of water, you associate your brain with the sound of water and peeing. This behavior may even cause you to suffocate in the future. ”

The second reason is more about peeing standing up. As you know, there is no such thing as standing up peeing in women’s nature, it is not for men to pee standing up. will lead to prostate especially after a certain age is specified. Read more about this topic here you can reach by clicking.

Stating that for pelvic health, people should urinate in a mudollarka sitting position, Dr. Alicia if people pee standing up that their pelvic floor cannot fully relax and thus states that the bladder cannot be emptied well.

Urinating when the bladder is not full may cause other problems in the future.

Another physiotherapist, Sabrina Baxter, who expressed her views on this issue, emphasizes that people should be careful about their urination habits. baxter, in cases where the bladder is not full interprets urination as a wrong move.

Addressing his followers on TikTok just like Alicia, Baxter uses the following expressions; “If you think, when you leave the house, ‘I don’t need to urinate, but let me do it now even though it’s on the way’, your bladder will never fill properly. Because of your underfilled bladder, you make your body more sensitive to work and therefore you feel the need to go to the toilet at the slightest urine accumulation. ”

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