United States, the series of dollars that has been going on for years From Afghanistan struggle drew attention to the amount of total expenditure he made in this process after he left. According to the information, exactly 300 million dollars spending state in total for Afghanistan $2 trillion is spent.

It is a matter of debate what these huge expenditures have brought. The subject we will focus on in our current news is the world’s the most advanced technology companydollarserine and to most of their best schools what else can be done with the amount that the US has spent for Afghanistan.

Should we give 4 Samsungs or 18 IBMs?

Sirkedollarser, which we will enumerate shortly and which you are familiar with, the most prominent in the world

It is known as . The huge value of the aforementioned companydollars is next to the amount spent in the war. remains pretty small. Because the technology giant 4 from Samsung and long-established technology company 18 from IBM you can get.

4 Samsung:

Our list starts with South Korean technology giant Samsung. $510.5 billion

The company, which has a market value of , can only close a quarter of the amount spent by the USA.

1 Google:

Including Google and other services Alphabet company, in the market 1.5 trillion dollarshareholder. Even if you do not have a chance to get the second one, the amount you will have 500 billion will be more than $.

18 IBMs:

On the market about $120 billion IBM, holding a share, only and only to 1 in 18 coincides

1 Microsoft:

one of the richest people in the world Bill Gates revealed that Microsoft, in the market $2 trillion takes up space. This shows that we can buy 1 Microsoft with the amount we have.

2 Tencents:

We hear the name frequently in the game industry. Tencent’s market share, approx. $774 billion. This shows that the amount we have is easily enough to buy 2 Tencents.

All expenses of 1333 people who will go to Mars:

to Mars The cost of sending 4 contacts as updated 6 billion is thought to be in dollars. 1.5 billion per capita, the amount we have is given to the Red Planet. More than 1333 we can say that it is enough to send people.

3 Teslas:

It has become both the loved and hated face of the internet world. Elon Musk we know Tesla, on the market approx. 685 billion has a value of dollars. This shows that we can buy 3 units from our company, which produces performance and electric vehicles.

1 pc Amazon

Amazon, brought from scratch by weary Democrat Jeff Bezos, $1.63 trillion dollars has the value. This shows that we can buy 1 of our world-famous e-commerce platform with the amount we have.

And many more…

The examples we provided above help you understand how large the amount spent was. This amount on social media was not wasted and good returns to the country are discussed, but this list, only the size of the total amount spent to show let’s say that we have prepared.

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