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As , we are focusing on the question of what awaits the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and ADA this weekend. The crypto space is witnessing Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano prices trying to recover after big sell-offs turning bears inside out. According to Analisdollarser, fiyadollarsar looks set to rise over the weekend with a notable uptrend.

Bitcoin(BTC) price may have something

Over the past few days, Bitcoin price has been going through a healthy accumulation phase as the price has been hovering in a tight range. Also, at this stage, BTC price is constantly forming lower lows, which is the main area of ​​concern. However, after a drop near $44,000, the price recovered well and remained above $45,000.

Price trend seems to be flowing downwards but RSI is rising to reach higher highs. And therefore, it shows a strong tendency to take a big step forward in the coming days. Analyst, The Wolf Of All Streets predicts a notable bounce, as in the RSI, very soon.

Ethereum price will stay on the rise!

Similar to BTC price, ETH price is also hovering in a very narrow range, showing a healthy accumulation. The asset was previously at the top of an ascending triangle and a significant breakout is in sight. However, the price dropped from the $3500 level to $3160. And because of this, many thought the bears might have taken over.

Looking at the RSI, however, the price is quite bullish and therefore significant growth over the weekend could be fast approaching. Analyst Simon Dedic remained on the defensive, with the estimated $3,000 level likely to be at stake. According to the analyst, the asset is bullish as long as ETH price is above $3000.

ADA price could hit $3 before hardfork

With the highly anticipated Alonzo hardfork event on the brink, Cardano price has already started its bullish mode. The price over the past few hours has gained more than 16% to trade above $2.7. It is also very close to the immediate resistance levels near $2.8081.

With the enormous growing market sentiment surrounding the launch of smart contracts, the ADA price could be well impacted. According to KALEO, an analyst, the asset can regain lost positions above $3 even before it is launched. Therefore, a significant uptrend could push the price closer to $5 in the future. Collectively, the 3 assets, Bitcoin price, Ethereum price, and Cardano price, are poised for a greener weekend, according to analystsdollars. However, BTC and ETH are trying hard to break the consolidation, but ADA has already hit its next resistance.

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