It has been 1.5 years since the coronavirus epidemic took the world under its influence. For a significant part of these 1.5 years, there was a great rush, panic and fear all over the world. But there was great hope for everyone; vaccine would be developed and saved the world from this epidemic.

It was expected, the vaccine arrived before even a year was up. As a result of months of work, they were able to develop different şirkedollarser vaccines and offer them to us. However, the introduction of vaccines ‘anti-vaccine’ also brought discourses. The vaccine counter-dollarsari, who have no scientific basis and often try to ‘disapprove’ themselves by scribbling on scientific data, have continued their discourse with many different scenarios until now. So what are these scenarios and what does science say about it?

Claim #1: ‘With the coronavirus vaccine, a chip will be implanted in our body, our DNA will be manipulated and they will control us’

One of the most popular claims made by anti-vaccine microchip. Of course, it is very difficult to even call this a claim because there is no evidence or scientific data to support this statement. The reason for the claim is based on a study conducted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and a statement made by Bill Gates. Regarding this study, in which people’s vaccination certificates will be ‘as a kind of tattoo’ on the cildollarserine, Gates said in a statement that there will be ‘digital certificates’ showing who has recovered, who has been tested and who has been vaccinated.

However, there is no ‘chip’ involved here, and it is simply a distortion of an explanation that has nothing to do with reality. In addition, this study has been carried out since 2016 and has not yet been implemented. Extensive research into vaccine and conspiracy theories and vaccine counterfeiters has shown that ‘chip claims’ and alleged supporting information are only one ‘ that it consists of ‘conspiracy theory’ and revealed that all its bases were faulty.

In addition, the contents of all vaccines developed are announced by the developer, and the authorized institutions of the countries give their ‘approval’ by conducting examinations on the vaccines. Therefore, in any vaccine inserting a ‘hidden’ chip and secretly injecting it to the people of the world is not possible as you can imagine.

Another baseless claim about vaccines is that vaccines that he will play with his DNA and make it ‘controllable’ rhetoric. Professor Jeffrey Almond from Oxford University told the BBC: injecting mRNA into a human has no effect on the DNA in the human cell” he said. In addition, many explanations made by scientists on this subject are that the mRNA vaccine is in no way interacts directly with DNA says. There is no scientific study showing the contrary.

Claim #2: ‘The effects of vaccines are unknown, they use us as guinea pigs’

Vaccine counter-dollars are also divided into several groups within themselves. There are different kidollarses defending different claims and giving reasons for their own opinions. One of them is ‘I’m not saying there is a chip in the vaccine, but I don’t know what’s in it. Phase 3 studies of vaccines have not been completed. They are using us as guinea pigs,’ said the group.

One of the strangest statements of this group is the claim that coronavirus vaccines are not administered to the public in America and Europe, and that America and some other countries are mentioned as ‘subjects’ in the US media. First of all, this claim completely wrong. Europe and America started to vaccinate their people by starting studies right after the vaccines were made available. Currently, the vaccination rate in many European countries is much higher than in our country. America has a vaccination rate of almost 60 percent.

Another discourse frequently used by this group is that the phase 3 studies of vaccines have not been completed yet and have not been approved for use. These statements, which everyone can find with a simple search, do not reflect the truth. For example, mRNA vaccine BionTech’s phase 3 studies completed in December 2020; The results were published in the peer-reviewed medical journal The New England Journal and Medicine.

In fact, we touched upon the part of the unknown what is in the vaccine, while misleading our first claim, but let us state it again; we know what is in vaccines and it is not possible to have a secret ingredient in any vaccine.

They try to justify their rhetoric by saying that they are not “conspiracy theorists or anti-vaccine in general”, but that they do not trust coronavirus vaccines because they are very new vaccines. However, as we explained above, scientific studies show that these discourses are at least as much as other discourses. unscientific and unreal is a proof.

Claim #3: ‘The vaccine contains tissues from human and animal fetuses’

Another claim that does not reflect the truth about the content of the vaccine is the content of the vaccines. to the fetuses of animals such as pigs and cows and alleged human fetal tissues. Where these claims are based Some distorted information. During vaccine development studies, some cells produced in the laboratory can be used. These cells are created by cloning embryonic cells, but this is not a new method and these cells are not included in the vaccine.

As we mentioned in our article that we shared with you before and included the details of cloning, studies on the cloning of embryonic cells have been carried out for many years and not only in the development of vaccines. for different studies in the field of health this method has been widely used for years.

Claim #4: ‘Those who are vaccinated die from heart attacks, the side effects of the vaccine kill, the vaccine causes people to be ‘infertile”

Let’s come to the claim that ‘the vaccine is harmful and its side effects kill people’, which is one of the most frequently used statements of anti-vaccine people on Twitter. Possible side effects of vaccines There are many scientific studies on the subject.

The most common of these claims is that people who have been vaccinated regarding having a heart attack claim. A study of the effects of vaccines on heart health, particularly in young adults, , although quite rare of myocarditis and pericarditis cases ( inflammation of the pericardium and inflammation of the heart muscle) reveals that it was observed. However, this rate is quite low, and the majority of the cases are recorded as mild cases that were sold to adolescents and recovered in a short time. Except this There is no data showing that COVID-19 vaccines directly cause heart attack and death.

Another claim is that coronavirus vaccines causes infertility. However, scientific studies carried out so far no data found on this subject. Apart from these, there are no serious side effects except for some allergic reactions that have arisen so far. The most common side effects are arm pain, headache, and feeling tired.

Claim #5: ‘Vaccines don’t work, hospitalization and death rates increase for those who are vaccinated’

Another claim that has started to emerge recently and which has led to a misperception by ‘strengthening’ the anti-vaccine attitude is the claim that vaccines do not work and that the rates of hospitalization and death of vaccinated people are higher than those who do not. The starting point of this claim is that it has the highest vaccination rate in the world. Increasing number of cases and full closure in Israel.

First of all, it is useful to remind; developed as a cure for the coronavirus epidemic No vaccine provides 100% protection. In other words, people who have been vaccinated can also test positive. But as it has been emphasized from the very beginning; Vaccines especially reduce the rate of death and hospitalization. Even if we get sick, we sell mild adolescents.

So why is the number of people vaccinated increasing among those hospitalized or killed in Israel? The answer is very simple; because the number of vaccinated people is increasing. In a scenario where the entire population was vaccinated, all sick and death cases would emerge among the vaccinated, a similar situation is evident as the vaccination rates increase. It can be understood with a very simple logic and people who distort the already expected statistics, with this movementollar series, the vaccine gives a great trump card to the hands of the counterdollars, which has no reality.

But scientists from around the world that the vaccines are effective goes on to say that it reduces death and hospitalization rates. There are also current studies on varyandollarsar, and independent research with its developer şirkedollarser explains the protection rates of vaccines against varyandollarsar. These are the data we need to trust and follow.

As a result;

Being anti-vaccine, taking painkillers when you have a headache, or getting on a plane and going from place to place people who unwittingly ‘trust’ science is a result of his behavior, which has emerged as a disruptive influence of social media. Scientific data is the only source we can trust, especially when it comes to human health. If you are very skeptical, you can also find the truth by researching different independent sources; you can see if a scientific study is ‘biased, untrue, to deceive us’.

If we need to pay attention so-called ‘scientific research’ that has not been published in any medium where it will be accepted as scientific. We should not forget that we must decide by being conscious of the fact that the subject in question is human life, regardless of the so-called ‘scientists’ who offer their personal ‘opinions’ without scientific grounds.

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