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“Thermal shock” to prevent the indoor-outdoor temperature difference. not more than 10 degrees is required. If the difference increases, the person entering the climatized indoor environment will feel relieved and refreshed first, but when he goes outside, he will experience the thermal shock created by the extreme temperature difference.

The body has the ability to adapt to the external environment and must must maintain internal balance. The human body needs a few days to two weeks to fully adapt to external temperature changes. When exposed to cold air for a long time, the peripheral blood vessels of the body contract to suppress heat loss. To compensate for the heat loss, the body tries to produce heat, which can cause fatigue, weakness and lethargy. As a result, colds and flu infections may occur.

Prolonged use of an air conditioner also reduces the humidity of a room. This can cause the respiratory tract mucosa to dry out, which can trigger pharyngitis (sore throat).

It causes cold-like symptoms, chronic fatigue, headaches and digestive disorders. If these symptoms become chronic, women to menstrual irregularity. Neck and back stiffness, muscle spasm may occur in these areas. A person may relapse from an old illness.

Bus and taxi drivers, housewives, children, students, the elderly, and bedridden patients are susceptible to air conditioning shock. Since these people cannot maintain their yellow physiological balance efficiently, against air-conditioning infections.

Thermal shock can sometimes have serious consequences. In particular, Legionnaires’ disease causes hospitalizations.

air-conditioned legionella pneumophila

This lung infection disease caused by the bacterium is usually transmitted in social areas such as hotels, hospitals, offices. The risk of contracting Legionnaires’ disease in the home environment is negligible.

Exposure time to air conditioner should be reduced as much as possible in order not to get air-conditioning inflammation.

room temperature between 23-25 ​​degrees Celsius It is good for health protection to keep it and open windows for ventilation every hour. in air conditioners mountain breeze option should be used. The rippling breeze will not cause any discomfort.

It is also important to keep your immunity strong. The day should not be started without breakfast.

Try to eat fruits rich in vitamins as much as possible and make sure that enough liquid is consumed. Smoking also severely intensifies respiratory tract symptoms.

Fans should not be pointed directly at the person. It should scan the environment and open at moderate intensity. If used in this way, it does not have a negative effect on health.

It is recommended to use a fan instead of air conditioner for night use, especially when sleeping. If sleeping on the right side, the fan should scan the left side. This will reduce the likelihood of inconvenience. Air conditioner during the day, fan at night will prevent or reduce thermal shock.

According to a study conducted in Japan, people who work in air-conditioned environments wake up more difficult in the morning.

responsible for waking the body up every morning stress hormone cortisol reaching required levels due to conditions caused by air conditioning two hours more in progress.

People who are exposed to the air conditioner for a long time should try to dress longer and thicker. Covering a thin sheet will also work. A breeding ground for mold, fungus and bacteria occurs in the filter of an air conditioner that is not regularly maintained. Because cleaning the air filters or it needs to be replaced.

Now you have a scientific answer to give to your colleagues who are trying to go beyond these ideal settings. Stay with science!

Sources: Air Conditioning & Ventilation Specialist Filiz Pehlivan, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Abi Tanrıkurt, Medical Park, The Korea Herald, Elite Heating Andac

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