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The game industry is one of the fastest growing industries. With the effect of developments in the sector, it brings a wide variety of technological products. Gamers prefer player equipment that will directly increase their gaming performance. Keyboards, on the other hand, are one of the equipment that plays a major role in increasing the gaming experience and performance.

There are keyboard models in the market to meet many different needs and demands. One of the most well-known models among the keyboards produced is mechanical keyboards. So, what are the features of these keyboards, which have managed to maintain their popularity in the gaming world for a long time? Why should gamers choose to use a mechanical keyboard? How is it different from normal keyboards? All these questions were answered by Barış Kahraman, Marketing Director of global esports equipment brand SteelSeries.

When purchasing your keyboard, you should consider your usage reasons, needs and frequency of use. In addition to your needs and expectations, the long-lasting use of your keyboard is also important in terms of budget management.

Players can use the equipment hard from time to time due to the adrenaline they experience during the game. Mechanical keyboards have a more robust structure compared to normal keyboards because they are produced considering such possible situations.

Of course, long-lasting use does not end there! However, mechanical keyboards have separate switches for each key. Switch technology offers gamers the advantage of longer-lasting use, as it has 10 times more keypress compared to normal keyboards. For durable and long-lasting use, you can choose mechanical keyboard models that contain aircraft grade aluminum alloy.

Quick feedback during the game is an important factor in winning. Mechanical keyboards are a type of keyboard where you can get quick feedback compared to other keyboard models. Thanks to the low response time of mechanical keyboards, you can take action five times faster.

Due to the structure of the keys, players have more control over the feeling of pressing the keys. It supports full typing or quick manipulation of in-game characters without the need to look at the keyboard. Mechanical keyboards provide a driving force on your speed while boosting your gaming performance.

The effects and the voices of the players in the game can sometimes overtake your own ambient sound. But when playing games, key sounds as well as switches play an important role in getting feedback. Mechanical switch keyboards allow gamers to be sure of pressing the key, as they make a typewriter-like sound, and increase the dominance on the keyboard, allowing them to control the movement. Thus, it helps to have a more enjoyable gaming experience by directly increasing the game performance.

Mechanical keyboards contain many new features for gamers. At the beginning of these are customizable keyboard settings and color options. With the rapid development of technology, players who have the same model mechanical keyboard can design their equipment in a different way according to their own tastes and needs.

These keyboards become interesting with different LED and RBG lighting. Thus, thanks to these keyboards, gamers both increase their gaming performance with key sensitivity and key sounds, protect their budget with the advantage of long-lasting usage, and have gamer equipment that appeals to the eye thanks to their interesting designs.

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