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It would not be wrong to say that in recent years the world has been turning for the sake of presentations. A newcomer to the school, a professor, a CEO or a novice employee often prepare a presentation, and in general, Microsoft PowerPoint program is used for the presentation. The file format of presentations prepared with Microsoft PowerPoint is PPT or PPTX. Well, Is it possible to open PPT or PPTX format files with a different program?

There are several different applications and websites besides Microsoft PowerPoint that you can use whenever you want to open a PPT or PPTX file. However, things can get a little confusing when it comes to editing these files and even converting them to PDF format. For this reason, it is useful to learn some applications and websites today. Let’s get to know PPT and PPTX files closely and see how you can operate on these files.

What is the PPT and PPTX file format?

If you are using a version of Microsoft PowerPoint published between 1997 and 2003 , the format of the presentation files you have prepared will be PPT. If you are using a Microsoft PowerPoint version after 2003 or a service such as Office 365, the format of the presentation files you have prepared will be PPT.

Both PPT and PPTX files can be opened and edited seamlessly in all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. So if you have any version of Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer , it’s fine. However, if this program is not installed on your computer, or if you want to open these files on a different computer that does not currently have the program installed, you will have to struggle a bit.

How to open and edit PPT and PPTX files?

  • Step #1: Open the PowerPoint Office Online website from here.
  • Step #2: Sign in with your Microsoft account information.
  • Step #3: Click Upload and open… .
  • Step #4: Select the PPT or PPTX file you want to open from your computer.
  • Step #5: The file will be opened after a while depending on the file size.
  • Step #6: You can edit the file within the boundaries of PowerPoint Office Online.
  • Step #7: You can save the edited file to your OneDrive account or download it to your computer.
  • Step #8: You are done.

There are dozens of different applications and websites to open and edit PPT or PPTX format presentation files, but you can use freely PowerPoint Office Online Why would you want to waste your time with third-party apps and services when you can?

PowerPoint Office Online, of course, does not offer as many tools as the Microsoft PowerPoint program you use on your computer , but you can access this service online wherever you are and you can easily open your PPT or PPTX format presentation files and make many changes to it. .

We have previously explained how you can use the PowerPoint Office Online service and what features it stands out with in our article here. If you do not want to create great design wonders on your presentation files in PPT or PPTX format , the changes you will make through PowerPoint Office Online will be more than enough.

How to convert PPT and PPTX files to PDF?

  • Step #1: Open Adobe PowerPoint to PDF tool from here.
  • Step #2: Select the PPT or PPTX file you want to convert by dragging and dropping or Select File button.
  • Step #3: After a period of time, which varies depending on the file size, the conversion process will be completed.
  • Step #4: You can save your PDF file to your Adobe Cloud account or download it to your computer.
  • Step #5: You are done.

There are many different applications and websites that you can use to convert PPT or PPTX files to PDF file format, but is developed by Adobe itself and you can use it for free. Why would you want to mess with third-party apps and services when there is a Convert PowerPoint to PDF tool?

But like every beauty has a flaw, Adobe PowerPoint to PDF Convert tool also has a flaw; you have only one conversion. If you open a free Adobe account, you have one more right. For more, you need to subscribe to one of the Adobe Acrobat packedollar series.

Convert Adobe PowerPoint to PDF tool is the first choice as it is easy to use and safe, but you do this frequently and if you don’t want to pay any fees, you can open the PFD24 Tools website via the link here and You can perform the conversion for free by following the steps above.

What are the PPT and PPTX file formats, how to convert to PDF , we answered the curious questions and talked about different applications and services that you can use for this process. For such operations, first choose the tools of the developer company e. If you come to a point where you cannot complete your transaction, you can turn to third-party alternative applications and websites.

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